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How to understand and make OSCam config files?

OSCam runs based on configuration files. These files contain configurations of OSCam and what ever you save as inputs and settings on OSCam interface gets save there. Here we are going to talk about these files.

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Beginners Guide to Cardsharing: What is Cardsharing and how it works?

To be able to enjoy TV content of paid satellite providers, you need a subscription with them. This will comes in a form of an official Smart Card. You put this card on your digital receiver box with the smart card reader feature and wallah! channels get descrambled. Now what if you could use this card to supply multiple digital satellite boxes?

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How to install OSCam on an Enigma 2 box?

Let's face it! the best and the most flexible softcam in Cardsharing is OSCam. Ask anyone who host a local card; they are all using OSCam. If you are a CCCam provider or an end-user with an Enigma 2 box, it is highly recommended to use it.

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