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enigma 2

  • How to add IPTV to an Enigma 2 box using Jedi Xtream Playlist Maker?

    Enigma 2 boxes came around years ago when CCCam still had the whole sharing market dominated. Since IPTV came into the picture, up until now, some users still prefer having IPTV running on their Enigma 2 boxes. Now the problem is Enigma 2, unlike android, iOS windows... , does not have good players. For Enigma 2 currently we have XtreamTV E2 Plugin which gives you stalker portal kinda interface, Autoscript OE 16 and 20 bouquet importing method, Bouquet File Transfer, e2m3u2bouquet method. In this tutorial we will introduce another plugin called Jedi Xtream Playlist Maker which runs based on a M3U streaming line and categorizes channels for you with EPG support and everything.

  • How to install OSCam on an Enigma 2 box?

    Let's face it! the best and the most flexible softcam in Cardsharing is OSCam. Ask anyone who host a local card; they are all using OSCam. If you are a CCCam provider or an end-user with an Enigma 2 box, it is highly recommended to use it.

  • What are IPTV streaming line scripts, video formats and uses?

    If you are running your IPTV service on a smart tv, enigma 2 box, PC, tablet or even a smart phone, almost certainly you have installed the service using a streaming line. This type of extensions are the most flexible and widely used among users, but there is more to this...

  • Xtream Codes CMS: How to install E2 Plugin on Enigma 2 receiver boxes?

    Enigma 2 boxes are the most common satellite receiver boxes. Users who have been using them would never change to anything else, not even for the sake of IPTV. So programmers make plugins for these boxes to enable users have their satellite channels along side IPTV services. One of these plugins is called E2 Plugin. This is provided by IPTV providers who use Xtream Codes CMS as their IPTV accounting and management software.