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  • How to add EPG to Xtream Codes IPTV Panel?

    All IPTV provider nowadays competing for providing the best possible picture quality. That is indeed vital but the moment client find out that the service he is purchasing does not support EPG, it might make him hesitate to buy the service. That said, providing EPG and injecting it into IPTV service is pretty easy. In this article we`re gonna show you how to add EPG to Xtream Codes Panel.

  • How to fix disappearance of network input/output values on Xtream Codes Panel?

    Those who are using Xtream Codes as their IPTV panel probably have faced this issue: Network input/output values arent showing. The fix is very simple!

  • How to setup IPTV on Openbox v9s?

    If you are using Openbox v9s, unlike it's older versions, it can run IPTV smoothly through IPTV apps it has built-in. App interface will give you channel grouping, EPG and other nice features, much much better than having IPTV installed on Openbox v8s ;)

  • IPTV App on Android and iOS: How to use GSE Smart IPTV App?

    IPTV and handheld devices have one thing in common, mobility! another good thing is that these small devices in our hands can run IPTV just fine thanks to strong CPU and massive amount of fast-clock RAM they are equipped with. One of the best apps for this purpose is GSE IPTV which can run on both iOS and Android.

  • Resellers Guide: How to work with Xtream Codes panel? What are basic steps?

    Almost all IPTV providers do reseller program. It`s a good source of income, economical and less headaches. why? because the provider will have many subscribers through one person, all technical support and marketing is done by the reseller and that is the person who pays up in front to get their panel credited. In this article we`ll explain A to Z about reseller section of one of the most common IPTV panels, Xtream Codes.

  • Xtream Codes CMS: How to install E2 Plugin on Enigma 2 receiver boxes?

    Enigma 2 boxes are the most common satellite receiver boxes. Users who have been using them would never change to anything else, not even for the sake of IPTV. So programmers make plugins for these boxes to enable users have their satellite channels along side IPTV services. One of these plugins is called E2 Plugin. This is provided by IPTV providers who use Xtream Codes CMS as their IPTV accounting and management software.