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How to power off Firestick?

Unlike almost all devices on planet earth, to turn off an Amazon Fire TV Stick is not straight forward. Since Firestick remote is usually paired with the TV during first launch setup, if you press the power button on the remote of the stick, TV will power off too. Here we're going to see How to power off Firestick the right way.

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How to check FireTV stick WiFi status while diagnosing buffering issues?

Buffering issues on Firestick while streaming an IPTV service can happen. One of the main steps while diagnosing should be checking the network environment on client's side, how the internet connection link is made between the device and network router and whether the internet connection is stable.

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How to reset firestick to factory defaults?

If your Firestick is not as fast as the day you purchased it or you want to free up some space quickly, it is necessary to reset your fire tv stick to factory settings. This will help freeing up some spaces as well as reseting all settings back to default resulting in speeding up the device. In this tutorial, we will show how to factory reset the Firestick.

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How to fix Firestick remote volume and power buttons not working?

When setting up an amazon Firestick for the first time, there is a remote controller setup procedure step which basically synchronizes the Fire TV Stick remote with your TV. There are occasions that you fail to fulfill this step due to remote controller profile conflict with your TV and you have to skip that step. Here we will see How to fix Firestick remote volume and power buttons not working. Even if your Firestick remote suddenly stops working, this could be one of the workarounds you may try.

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How to install VPN on Amazon Firestick and Fire TV?

IPTV clients who run the service on Fire stick or Fire TV can utilize VPN on their devices to bypass network throttling or block applied by their respective ISP during live events. This tutorial depicts two possible ways of installing VPN on Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV.

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