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If your Firestick is not as fast as the day you purchased it or you want to free up some space quickly, it is necessary to reset your fire tv stick to factory settings. This will help freeing up some spaces as well as reseting all settings back to default resulting in speeding up the device. In this tutorial, we will show how to factory reset the Firestick.

An IPTV device should always run smoothly and have as much free memory and CPU power as possible. Resetting your Firestick from time to time, when you notice it is running slow, if a good idea to make sure your device meets the requirements necessary to run an IPTV account.

Note: please understand that by doing this process, all your stored files and data will be lost.


1-From your Firestick dashboard, click on Settings


2-Go to My Fire TV


3-Scroll down to Reset to Factory Defaults


4-Click Reset to start the process


5-Above message should appear and confirm the start of the process


6-First phase is done and the device will reboot. After this step, it's all standard steps to reconfigure your Firestick.


7-Click Home button to pair the remote


8-Press Start to proceed


9-Choose the desired language


10-Firestick will search for available WiFi to connect to. Once the list appears, chose your desired Wifi network and enter the password.


11-Enter your Amazon account details


12-If login details are correct, above message will appear


13-Click Yes to save your WiFi password


14-Choose your TV brand so your Firestick optimizes the performance


15-When all the steps are done, which are pretty basic and easy, the dashboard will appear.

Now the Firestick should be running a lot smoother and all the unnecessary apps are removed.

You can try this by getting an IPTV Free Trial and test it on your device.

Note: Your applications are still paired on your Amazon account and if you go to Apps section you will see them pinned on your account.


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