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When setting up an amazon Firestick for the first time, there is a remote controller setup procedure step which basically synchronizes the Fire TV Stick remote with your TV. There are occasions that you fail to fulfill this step due to remote controller profile conflict with your TV and you have to skip that step. Here we will see How to fix Firestick remote volume and power buttons not working. Even if your Firestick remote suddenly stops working, this could be one of the workarounds you may try.

In most cases, the usual steps of pairing the Fire TV remote to your TV during the first launch setup works immediately, but sometimes due to rare Infrared profiles on the TV, your Firestick may not sync to the TV. In the steps below we will see how we can manually pick a profile or IR code to make it work.

Note that the TV must have remote controller functionality. For instance, if you are using a PC monitor, most of them do not have remote controller functionality and therefore no Infrared wave receiver. There are, however, some gadgets to plug into your monitor to make it work. But point being, what you are using as a display device to link to your Firestick, if it does not have remote controller functionality, it is pointless to try this solution or even try pairing the Fire TV remote at all.

In the instance below, we were frustrated and skipped the remote pairing steps during first launch setup procedure and want to redo the steps after setting up the stick.

If you are reading this while you are stuck in the first launch steps, you can scroll down and catch up from step 8.


How to fix Firestick remote volume and power buttons not working?


1-From the dashboard, go to settings by clicking the gear icon.


2-Choose Equipment Control.


3-Select Manage Equipment.


4-Choose TV.


5-We want to change the TV profile, so please select Change TV.


6-Click Change TV and proceed.


7-Select your TV brand from the list. It must be there just scroll down and find it. Mine is BenQ so I select that.


8-Press the Power button just to pass this step. You may already notice that your TV wont turn off.


9-Click No.


10-Click the 3-line button on your remote to enter Advanced Setup.


11-If you know the IR (Infrared) Profile Number of your TV (Usually mentioned in the TV manual), you can enter the code here and click Next. If not, click the Back button on the remote.


12-Among the available profiles, start selecting them one by one and see if the power or the volume buttons start working. One of these must work for you.


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