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Unlike almost all devices on planet earth, to turn off an Amazon Fire TV Stick is not straight forward. Since Firestick remote is usually paired with the TV during first launch setup, if you press the power button on the remote of the stick, TV will power off too. Here we're going to see How to power off Firestick the right way.

Sadly, Firestick can not be powered off the usual way you do with other devices. Unplugging the stick from power would be the ultimate way of shutting down the device. However, you can put the device into sleep mode.


How to power off Firestick?


This can be done in two ways which I will demonstrate below:


1-Hold the Home button on your Firestick remote controller, when the above page comes up, click Sleep. Your Firestick will go into sleep mode, idle mode, and you can awake the device by pressing any buttons on the remote.


What if the Home button on the remote is broken?


1-From dashboard move over to Settings icon.


2-Go on My Fire TV and press the center button on the remote.


3-Select Sleep.


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