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MAG boxes are by far the best devices for IPTV. They are small by size, quick by performance and simple in terms of user experience. There are cases in which these devices stumble into minor issues like audio loss on some live channels or VOD, video lag or such. Most of the times a simple inner portal update can resolve such minor issues.

Before we begin, let`s have two facts straight:

-There`s an old saying "don`t fix it if it`s aint` broken" which in our case mean you should have a reason for updating your MAG. Furthermore, don`t try to make up a reason to update your MAG. Not all software releases are worth updating to.

-Where you are updating a PC Mainboard BIOS, a Smart phone chip or ,in our case. a MAG box, it is best to have a stable internet connection. So make sure internet connection is stable during the update process.


Let`s start updating:

On embedded portal, more over to settings and click OK


Software Autoupdate should be clicked OK


In here, as you can see, Autoupdate is disabled. We need to change it to Enabled.


Keep "Update to beta versions" off so that you only receive stable releases. Now click OK on your remote controller to save changes.

Now click on the F2 button (as instructed at the bottom of the page) to commence the update manually.


This is the page which will appear after pressing F2. Now to start the update process F1 button must be pressed. Make sure your internet connection is ready and stable.


It might not start for 5 to 15 seconds and you see the percentage bar staying at 0% but give it time to start and finish.


It is advised to restart portal manually after the update is successfully finished.


That was it. Hope you have found this useful.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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