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Tivimate IPTV Player is a reliable android application available for media player setup boxes like Mecool, Xiaomi, Nvidia Shield and even generic android devices like Fire TV Stick. However, installation normal android and Generic devices is a bit different. Let's learn How to install TiViMate on Firestick or Android devices.

How to install TiViMate on Firestick or Android devices?


In this tutorial we will cover the following:

-Foreword - Prerequisites

-Application Installation

-Tivimate Premium Activation

-Adding IPTV to Tivimate


-Foreword - Prerequisites

1-Users who have Android devices Mecool, Xiaomi TV Box, Nvidia Shield, A95X or even Android Smart TV's like Sony or Philips, should have access to Google Play Store which enables them to easily search for Tivimate app and install it. So do that and skip this part of the tutorial. However, you can still use the side-loading method explained below if you want to keep focused on this tutorial.

2-If your device does not have access to Google Play Store, or if you are using Generic android devices like Firestick, manual installation using the .APK files should be used. This process is also called side-loading which we are going to use now.

3-Firestick users: since the app is being installed using a 3rd-party APK outside Amazon Web Store, enabling "Installation of apps from unknown sources" on Firestick. These steps are a MOST so so them now and then come back here and follow the process.

4-Android users: Your device may need the same, so in case your device asks for the same permission, keep this guide in mind, How to enable Allow Unknown Apps on Android devices. No need to leave this page now, just keep it in mind in case the device asks.


The feature through which we are going to use in this tutorial to import IPTV playlist is Xtream Codes API. To have this , Premium features must be unlocked.

Now paying for the license of the app depends on the device:

1-If you are on android device which has Google Play Store, you can pay for the license directly through the app.

2-If your device dont have access toPlay Store, like a Firestick, the purchase process should be done through an app called TiviMate Companion.

Read this tutorial on How to purchase the paid license and unlock premium features of TiviMate IPTV Player.


Once the paid license of the app is purchased and activated, proceed with the following steps:


1-When you open the app for the first time, this is the page that shows up, the app asking for playlist upload. Click on Add Playlist.


2-The best and easiest way to import IPTV playlist onto TiviMate would be Xtream Codes Login method.


3-If you have followed our previous tutorials on how to enter M3U details in a Xtream Codes API format, this step should be easy for you. But let's give an example here.

Say our M3U provided by our IPTV Provider is the following: (this is hypothetical M3U address and you should use the one you have received from your IPTV Provider)


Then it should be added to the app Xtream Codes Login in the following format:

Server Address: http://provideraddress.com:80/

Username: user1

Password: pass1

It a lot easier than entering the whole M3U url into the app.


4-Once all the details are put in, tick Include VOD so Movies and series get listed as well and then click Next.


5-Playlist is being made, be patient.


6-Playlist has been created, now a name should be assigned. Highlight the Playlist Name and click OK on remote.


7-Type the desired name for this playlist and then click Next.




9-After clicking Done in the previous step, this popup message appears which shows the most important remote functionality of the app.

Take note, remember, and click OK.


10-And thats it! Everything listed in categories plus EPG. EPG might take up a few minutes to appear when you first set up the app.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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