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In any IPTV discussion on Reddit, Facebook and forums, There are many people moaning about being scammed. There are even places to report scammers like IPTV Blacklist or IPTV Reviews subreddits. One might wonder, why would they let scammers take advantage of them in the first place? How can one find a reliable IPTV service?

There are standards and levels of expectation to have when you are trying to pay your hard-earned money for an IPTV service. I have been in the CCCam and IPTV market for a very long time, since 2010, and below are what I believe people should do so they are always smiling when subscribing to an IPTV provider as a reseller or an end-user:

1-A provider's name means nothing

Name of the service should be the least of your concerns. A name is just a name! it guarantees nothing. I mean, if you are comparing service and they are "Bear IPTV", "Dragon IPTV", "Fast" or "Super Fast IPTV" these are just names (hypothetical of course).


2-Look for some information

Another factor is the amount of info you are exposed to. Whether they have a website (which is the ideal scenario), a Facebook/Reddit/Telegram/Whatsapp page or group, it is important to see how much info you have access to as an interested customer. The info you are looking for are the price table, free trial page, the channel list page and the amount of work and rework on on each bouquet (like when was the last time German category was reworked and what are the changes), the news and updates page. For instance, a well-established service must have a long news feed page which shows where they have come from and what they went through.

3-Look for a free trial

At least 48 hrs of a free trial must be provided to you. You need to run this preferably during hot live events and see how they do during peak hours. This not only shows the stability of their streams, it also shows how well they are managing server resources.

Note: some providers ,rightly so, close free trials during live events especially due to EPL Block in the UK. If they do offer refunds, take the free trial whenever you can and if it shows stable performance, subscribe to their one month service and then check their peak hours performance.

4-Support response time is key

During free trial period, try to submit a ticket, send an email or message them. Evaluate how quickly they get back to you. Do that during hot live events.

5-Reasonable offers

We must first see what the meaning of "Reasonable" means here. Reasonable offer is not like 1 month costing $2. A reasonable offer should also correlate with the reality. There are some offers like "Lifetime" and I never understood what that means. Nothing is eternal, especially in IPTV market, and the fact that so many providers are getting busted and shutdown should back up the argument.

An IPTV subscription, with 1 concurrent connection, including all major countries, normally would cost as follows:

1month = Around $10-$15
3month = Around $35-$40
6month = Around $60-$70
12month = Around $100-$120

The above price ranges may vary due to server costs, CMS costs (Content Management System which you might know it as IPTV panel), EPL Block bypassing solutions if the provider has big market inside UK and ....

That is the normal price range considering the above mentioned facts. Now you might see a provider who has a big, growing market and they might reduce the 1month service to $5. If the other ways of evaluating the provider checks out, then you can call that a fair and reasonable offer.

6-Dont fall into the VIP trap

Always remember, when you are paying a service, you should be considered as VIP. If they provide a separate package like all channels available in 4K quality, sure go for it. But honestly, a paying client, is a VIP client.


7-A provider should value your privacy and security as well as the service

Sometimes you come across providers who have their own security habits, like not providing free trials during hot live events or weekends, not allowing you to submit forms on their website for the first time when you are on proxy, not providing you "Certain" payment methods when you are new to their service and in some cases asking you to provide a referral from one of their paid subscribers. Value and understand this because that means, if you get inside, at least by the looks of it, it is a safe place for you to be in.


Above are the standards when looking for a reliable iptv service. In the comment section below post yours.


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