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One thing is for sure! Enigma 2 users who have had their boxes since the beginning of cardsharing, will never let go of that device no matter what. As a result, they would want to run their IPTV on the same device as well although devices like Firestick 4K and recent Android boxes are much more advised.

So basically e2m3u2bouquet is a tool for enigma 2 users who want to add IPTV channels in categories with EPG on their satellite box. Other methods of installing IPTV into E2 boxes, whether placing the bouquet file inside /enigma2/ folder or running the Autoscript, it will put everything into a single folder, which not only makes it so hard finding your favorite channel, it will also demand resources from the box to read and load the bouquet when you click it.

Base of this tutorial was taken from Github. Credits goes to DougMac, su1s, ExampleOrgz and shawpe.

I have just added some extra help and reorganized the presentation.


Followings will be discussed in this tutorial:


-Installation of the playlist and EPG

-Activation of EPG

-Enabling channel list auto-refresh




There are things we need to know, make sure of and few elements to make ready:

1-Before touching anything, backup your data if you want. If this causes any crashes, remember, you used it at your own risk although it is a stable plugin.

2-Make sure the box is updated to the latest firmware and image versions.

3-EPG Importer: This must be included in the Plugin section of your image. Simply bring up the plugin section and install "EPG Importer", preferably prior to the e2m3u2bouquet.py script installation.

4-Package Update: some images like OpenPLi may return error during the installation process of e2m3u2bouquet. To avoid that following commands should be executed to update packages. Simply connect to the box using SSH terminal and run the following commands. If you dont know how to do that, read this tutorial on "How to use SSH Terminal for IPTV and Cardsharing purposes?".

opkg update
opkg install python-image python-imaging python-argparse


5-Downloading the e2m3u2bouquet.py script file by clicking here. Once downloaded, unzip the file and keep it for the installation process.

6-A M3U_Plus URL: From your IPTV provider, ask for "M3U_Plus" or "M3U With Options". In some CMS Services (The system that IPTV providers use) it might also be called "Extended M3U". This will bring channels in categories (Of course if your provider have channels categorized - almost all do)

7-The EPG URL: Most IPTV providers do implement EPG in their service. If your provider is one, you can make an EPG url out of the M3U url you have from them. Simply read this tutorial on "What is EPG? how to have an IPTV subscription with EPG?".

8-To make the life easier while editing the files through SSH, it is better to use "nano" as your editor. If your box does not have it yet, simply install it by logging into your box through SSH and run the following command

opkg install nano


9-Later in the installation we will need a function on the box called "cron". If your box does not have it, install it using the following command:

opkg install busybox-cron


10-One of the key points here, that I havent seen most other websites and blogs mentioning when the subject is about adding IPTV to Enigma 2 boxes, is that you dont need all the channels/country packages that your provider is offering. You know how most providers are. quantity over quality: "We have 40,000 IPTV channels" now that is usually LiveTV + VOD but still thats too much. You should ask your provider to limit your sub to what you really watch and only include those bouquets. This will help your device to run faster and not dealing with heavy load.



Once done, it's time to move the e2m3u2bouquet.py script file into the box using a FTP software like Filezilla, WinSCP or anything alike. If you dont know how to do that, read the first part of this tutorial. After that we execute the script in a simple step and finalize the installation.

1-Connect to the box via FTP software and browse to /etc/enigma2/ and create a directory (folder) and name it e2m3u2bouquet so we organize this installation better.

2-After that, FTP the e2m3u2bouquet.py file to /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet. Remember, dont transfer the zip file, make sure to unzip it first.

3-In this step, you need to SSH to the box and go to the /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet directory using the following command

cd /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet


4-Then give the execution access to the script by the following command

chmod 755 e2m3u2bouquet.py


5-And now the main part. I will try to get a details example just to clarify this part the best I can. Here we need to import channel lists in their category along with the EPG. Above we did review how to make and prepare these two. The format of the command is like below:

./e2m3u2bouquet.py -m "Place the M3U_Plus URL here" -e "Place the EPG URL here"


Now, I have got the M3U_plus url from my provider and it's:



If I want to make an EPG out of it, it would be:



Now if I want to run the command using e2m3u2bouquet.py script to import channel listing and EPG:

./e2m3u2bouquet.py -m "http://myprovider.abc/get.php?username=wedostreaming&password=pass123&type=m3u_plus&output=ts" -e "http://myprovider.abc/xmltv.php?username=wedostreaming&password=pass123"

It's just beyond easy. Remember above URLs are hypothetical. You need to get yours from your provider.


6-Now let's run the script to create the .XML setup file.



7-The setup .XML file has now been created and stored in /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet folder. If you are not in that location already, type the following command to go to the directory

cd /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet


8-Now we need to edit the config.xml file to input our IPTV provider's credentials. When you see inside the file, you'll know where to put what. You can either use "Nano" or "vi" as your linux file editors. Here we use Nano

nano config.xml

This can also be done using your FTP software, like Filezila, by going to that location, right-click the config.xml file and edit the content as necessary. Once done, save and close the file. In FTP software, when you click the file you will be prompted for saving, but in linux editors, you can click crtl+x (in windows) or command+x (in macOS) and then click y to confirm the saving process.


9-Now run the script again to generate a config for the provider we have just set up.


Channels should already be available on the bouquet listing of your box.


-How to enable EPG on e2m3u2bouquet?

1-Earlier at the beginning of the tutorial, we spoke about installing a plugin called "EPG-Importer". 

2-Open the plugin and select Sources. Depending on your image, the function of the colored button may vary.

3-One of the source should be what we installed above, called "IPTV Bouquet Maker - E2m3u2bouquet". Choose it.

4-Start EPG propagation and wait until the process is done.


-Enabling channel list auto-refresh

If you want to manually refresh the channel list and thats enough for you, whenever desired, simply run the script command as we did above: ./e2m3u2bouquet.py

But if you are more into automation of the process, do the following, we need to utilize the Cronjobs. Best and most accurate way is to set it up through SSH.

1-While SSH'ed on the root directory of the box, run the following command: (remember we have already installed the busybox-cron package on the box)

crontab -e


2-Move the cursor to the last line of whatever is already on the screen and type the following command:

0 6,18 * * * /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/e2m3u2bouquet.py

In simple English, it means run e2m3u2bouquet.py script which is placed in the directory /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/e2m3u2bouquet.py at 6:00AM and 18:00PM.



If you, for whatever reason, decide to uninstall the plugin from your box, simply SSH the box, CD into the directory /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/ and type the following command

./e2m3u2bouquet.py -U


The whole process is very easy if you just follow the instructions but in case of any issues or questions, happy to help you in the comment section below.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.


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