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You have launched your app and trying to watch your IPTV channel. Error shows up on your screen: "Unauthorized 401". You  know your internet is fine, you know your subscription is valid. What could be the problem?

In this article, we will cover the following:

-Meaning of Unauthorized 401 error

-The reason why this is happening to an IPTV client

-Ways to resolve/avoid it


-What does Unauthorized 401 error mean?

Basically, in networking world generally, if you see an error number is 4xx, meaning it starts with number 4, it shows that client is doing something that the server doesn't like or allow. Error 401 means the slot or the gateway which was assigned to a user is occupied and there is an active session in the name of that user. Therefore, when the client is asking to sit on that slot which is already taken, server denies the request.


-Why would Unauthorized 401 error happen to an IPTV client?

In IPTV, when you see Unauthorized 401, it means your account is already online on your provider's side and your assigned concurrent connection amount is already occupied and we do know that most providers allow only 1 concurrent connection slot to each account. This happens usually because:

1-Client's internet connection suddenly gives up on the connection between the IPTV app and the server.

2-Client's VPN suddenly disconnects.

3-Client disconnects the VPN without stopping the streaming first.

4-Not an everyday happening but if your account is hacked or being used by an unwanted person.

If any of the above happens, the connection between the IPTV device and the server is dropped without the app/device sending the streaming stop command to the server first. As a result, the account stays connected on the server and the allowed connection slot on the account stays occupied. When you try to reconnect, there is not empty slot to sit in.


-How to resolve/avoid Unauthorized 401 error?

To resolve this, try to reboot your router and IPTV device and see if that resolved the issue. If not, contact your provider and ask them to kick the last connected session.

If you are running your IPTV streaming through VPN, it is best to stop streaming first and then disconnect the VPN. Internet instability is out of client's hand if it is caused from ISP's side but you can do your part by avoiding using Wi-Fi and always connect through a CAT7 cable.


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