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Formuler is a popular android stalker box. One of the good features this device has is M3U streaming line compatibility in the nicest way, allowing the playlist to propagate in categories.

Setting up M3U on a Formuler box using MyTVonline2 is done in two ways

-Adding M3U url

-Importing the M3U file


-Adding M3U url

1-Click on menu button on your remote controller, then scroll down and choose Connections



2-Choose "Add m3u Playlist"


3-Enter the values:

Playlist Nickname: could be any name you like

Playlist URL: the M3U address you have received from your IPTV Provider

Playlist VOD URL: if your VOD source is different from the LiveTV, you can add it here

Playlist XMLTV EPG URL: If your EPG source is different from your IPTV provider's own built-in EPG

Once done, scroll down and click Connect


4-The data should be pulled from the server and you will be automatically redirected to the playlist once ready.

Note: This method is recommended as it keeps your playlist refreshed and up-to-date.


-Importing the M3U file: Download the M3U file, put it on a USB flash drive and connect it to the Formuler device.

1-Once again, go to connections.


2-Go to "Add m3u Playlist"


3-The only difference now is that we browse the M3U file on flash drive by pressing this button.


4-Playlist should propagate immediately and ready for use.

Note: This method does not update your channel list, meaning if there are any playlist changes/updates on your provider's side, with this method, your channel list wont get the updates automatically and you need to re download the m3u file and import it manually from time to time.


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