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Among the galaxies of features TiviMate has, adding and removing channels from favorite list is one of the handy functions. It allows your to save your favorite channel in favorite list for quicker access.

-Adding channels to favorite list:

1-While on a channel, click Back button on remote controller so the guide screen appears. If there is a temporary menu or screen being shown, like the info bar in the above picture, you might need to press the back button twice so the guide page shows up.


2-Once the guide page opens up, click the right button on the remote so the info bar appears.


3-Scroll down to the channel that you want to add to favorite then click right side on the remote controller so the right info bar appears.


4-Scroll down to the star sign and press select button on the remote.


5-Now click right side on remote and then scroll on Favorites. Click select button on the remote.


6-As you can see, the latest addition to the favorite list is the channel we have just added.


-Removing channels from favorite list:

1-On the favorite list or guide page, stay on the channel you want and click right side on the remote.


2-From the right info bar, scroll down to the star icon and now you can see the function is Remove from Favorite. Click that and it's removed.


3-The channel which we earlier added to favorite is now removed.


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