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One of the great features on TiviMate IPTV Application is multi-view, also known as picture in picture. It enables you to watch more than one channel at a time, good for when you are trying to keep an eye on more than one event or show.

Make sure your version of TiviMate is updated to the latest version and then follow along.


1-While watching a channel, click the middle button so the info bar appears. Then scroll down so the toolbar shows up.


2-Move over to Multi-View.


3-Once the above screen appears, click OK so the Multi-Screen menu pops up.

Note: Per each extra screen, you need to have an extra connection. For instance, if you want to watch 2 channels at the same time, your account must have at least 2 concurrent connections allowed.


4-The Multi-View menu should appear on the right side of the resized screen. Click on Add Screen.


5-The channel list should appear on the left side, scroll on the channel you want to add and click the middle button.


6-When you do the above, the new selected channel will appear right next to the previous one and you can see them both playing.

By moving on each screen, the frame of it should be highlighted and you can hear the audio of that channel. You can only hear one channel at a time while on multi-screen view.


7-If you want to make one screen larger than the other, you can highlight that screen and click the middle button. Once the menu appears, select Enlarge Screen.


8-You can then reduce the size back to what it was using the Reduce Screen.


9-And finally, if you want to close any of the screens, simply highlight it, click the middle button and select Remove Screen.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.


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