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Smart IPTV is not showing as available on Google Playstore due to legal reasons. However, you can easily install this app on your android device without the need of Playstore.

In this tutorial, we will go through installing Smart IPTV app on an android device like an android TV without the need of Google Playstore. This process is called Side-loading or indirect application installation. We will also have a look over a MAC address settings change necessary to be made on Android 10+ devices.


There are many ways to do this

-Using Downloader app: Downloader from AFTVNews is the most popular application on android platforms when it comes to side-loading an application. The .APK file will be downloaded and then you will be prompted for installation. Read this guide on How to install and use DownloaderOnce installed, in the address field type apk.siptv.app . The file will be downloaded from the official host of Smart IPTV app and you will be prompted for installation. Here is a full guide on How to install Smart IPTV on Firestick or Android.

-Using web browser: Open any web browser on your android device and type in apk.siptv.app . The file will start to download. Once finished, open the APK file and proceed with installation.

-Transferring the APK file using cloud storage apps: Another way would be transferring the APK file into your Android device through online cloud storage and then opening it to install the app. For instance, Let's say you have an android TV. First, install any available cloud storage app like dropbox. Then upload the file to that space using apk.siptv.app . Finally, download the APK file from the cloud on your Android device.

Transferring the APK file using a USB flash drive: Simply download the file from apk.siptv.app then transfer it into a USB flash drive. Finally connect the flash to your Android device and open the APK file there.

There are endless ways to do this, each easier than the other.


Resolving The Random MAC Issue:

There is another thing to keep in mind. On android devices with Android OS 10 and above, it is needed to make an adjustment to the MAC Address settings. Problem is, if your device has Android OS 10+, every time you close and reopen Smart IPTV app, the MAC address is changed and you need to pair the MAC and M3U url again. To resolve this, read this guide on fixing Smart IPTV MAC address change on android devices.


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