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If you are using Smart IPTV application on an android device, you may have an issue that the MAC address of the app is being changed every time the application is closed and re opened. It is fixable with a small tweak.

Smart IPTV app MAC address generation system on android devices works based on the WiFi MAC address. So if for whatever reason that address is changed, the pairing between the MAC address generated and identified by the app and the M3U url is broken. Now if you have paid for the premium license, it is going to be a headache.

This WiFi MAC address change happens due to a security feature introduced to Android OS after version 10 which is called Randomized MAC address. It keeps changing the MAC address every now and then for security reasons. Having a static MAC address is absolutely fine and it is also the solution to this issue with Smart IPTV app.


To stop the MAC address Randomizing feature, follow steps below:



1-Open Settings.



2-From left column, click on Wi-Fi then scroll down.



3-Click Privacy.



4-Change the settings from Use randomized MAC to Use Device MAC.

You can now close all windows, settings saved and from now on the MAC address used by Smart IPTV app is going to be the static Device MAC.


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