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WHMCS Smarters are truly one of the leaders in IPTV community. Their IPTV Smarters Pro web player is a great solution for those who want to watch IPTV on a web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Brave or any other. Before we did look into watching IPTV using browser extension, but this one is a web page itself.

The web player application software is hosted by WHMCS Smarters themselves and they have done this one for the people for free. You simply open the page, add your M3U details and start watching your IPTV service on web browser.


Now let's see how we can use IPTV Smarters Pro web player.


Two notes before we proceed:

Note 1: WHMCS Smarters do not store any of your info on their side and it is mostly cached on your browser.

Note 2: You need to have an IPTV Provider who provides you the streaming service and the M3U url.


1-Open your web browser and type the following address, then hit enter: webtv.iptvsmarters.com


2-Click Add Playlist to enter streaming line details.


3-Given that you have the streaming line details from your IPTV provider, it needs to be added in the following form:

Let's say the streaming line we have is this (Dont use the one below, it's just an example)


Then we enter the details into the above fields in the following parts:

Any Name: Put the name you desire

Username: For the M3U line above, it's mike1

Password: For the M3U line above, it's 123456

Last field: Located below password field is where we enter the server:port values. According to the M3U line above, it is http://streaming.xyz:8443

Once done, click ADD USER.


4-If the inputs are correct, you should see this. Channel listing is loaded and you can start watching your desired content.


There is, however, one downside to this web player application. The limitation of the media player engine is your web browser, meaning the audio and video codecs (particles which form a streaming content) are read and decoded by the media player engine inside your browser. Now, some browsers have some codecs and some not.

Long story short, some streams or VOD content may not play due to codec issues. But, you can try different browsers. For instance if you have issues on Google Chrome, try Mozilla Firefox. That may resolve the issue and play your stream, but most streams should play fine.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forums and let us help you.

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