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You may notice that sometimes IPTV Smarters Pro shows some buggy behavior like graphical issues, EPG not loading properly or even new channels added from IPTV provider not showing in your listing. If you know How to clear cache for IPTV Smarters Pro on android and firestick, that would fix this issue immediately.

Cache is basically the small short memory used to speed up the process of applications, letting apps storing repetitive data in a small memory to speed up the reloading of those data. Sometimes cache may fall into issues and needs clearing so the data is removed and replaced with a fresher version. Inside IPTV Smarters Pro in General Options, we are able to clear cache for this application.


How to Clear cache for IPTV Smarters Pro on android and firestick?


1-While on dashboard, click the Gear icon to enter settings.


2-Go to General Settings.


3-There you should find the Cache settings.

You can check the box for Auto Clear Cache so that the app automatically clear cache each time it is closed.

You can click Clear Now button there to manually flush the cache.


4-Confirm the process by clicking YES.


5-Cache clearance is confirmed by showing the following message.


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