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Smart TV`s are one of those 21st century devices which have a place at our homes and if you haven`t got one already, you`re thinking about it. They are big, delivering high picture quality and work with operating systems. Now, with the growing interest in IPTV, people try to purchase devices which can run this service but majority of IPTV beginners don`t know that their own beautiful smart tv is able to run IPTV directly.

Note: There are hundreds of apps to run on android-based TV`s. Here we picked 3 which we think are the best. App`s are ranked from the best to good in author`s point of view.

Smart TV`s are called "smart" not because they look fancy, but because of the operating system they are running by. Most of the old TV`s had closed source basic programming software and the best they could do was to run a mp3 or a few video file formats. Now with Smart TV`s you can expect them to work like your other handheld devices which are mostly android-based. Samsung and LG smart tv`s are among those which have not only the most powerful hardware, but also the best picture quality. Now add to that the possibility of having a streaming system like IPTV which could have -if provider delivers- 1080p HD quality.

You should keep in mind that just because these tv`s are smart and running based on android doesn`t mean that they have to run your desired IPTV app. Some apps have compatibility issues with the TV, some TV`s have software locks not allowing programmers of certain apps to sync their apps and so on. It`s best to read some reviews, read the compatibility list of the app or ultimately give it a try for evaluation then you`ll know with which you should fall in love.

-Smart IPTV App

-Smart STB App



-Smart IPTV App

This one is by far the best, the most reliable, the most user-friendly and the most loved smart tv app. Simple search on google will bring top rated reviews which can convince you to purchase it immediately. Yeah! it`s paid but for less than 6 euros and that`s a one time fee! Before that, you`ll have a generous trial offer of 7 days period which will give you enough time evaluating the app. The activation of the app is automatic both on trial and paid version. You can have full EPG, Picons beside every channel if the IPTV provider has properly named channels, possibility of having categorized channel listing if your IPTV provider offers such listing, buffer size tuning option which will come handy if your speed is low and ... . At the moment, this app only works on the following devices:

--Samsung and LG Smart TV`s: Installation is pretty easy: First you install the app from the android store available on your tv and then activate the account you received from your IPTV provider on the app.

--Amazon FireTV/FireStick: Users mostly know these as FireTV or Firestick. Two thing are the top features about these devices: 1-They have play store so you can install apps like Smart IPTV App on them and 2-The mobility! Imagine you go to your summer house where you have internet, so take your small iptv device with you and enjoy IPTV while you stay there.

--MAG: MAG is a great IPTV device itself and you can simply get the Stalker Portal link from your provider to run IPTV via the portal but if you want to have Smart IPTV App setup on it, good news is, it supports but at the moment only 3 MAG types can enjoy the benefits of this app: MAG250, MAG254, MAG270



-Smart STB App

A good paid one if you are interested to have a MAG-like IPTV app on your smart tv. It runs through stalker portal delivering all features that you can expect from a MAG device like categorized channel list, full EPG settings, Picons ... . It has 7 days of trial but the lifetime license is 27.99 USD which is a bit more expensive comparing to Smart IPTV App. After the installation of the app, you need to setup the stalker portal link from your IPTV provider and then give them the virtual MAC address of your tv. Once they activate it, you`ll receive a full channel listing and ready to play. This app currently works on:

--Samsung Smart TV`s made since 2012 and later including all Tizen models.

--LG Smart TV`s made since 2013 and later including the models with Netcast version 3.0 or later, or the ones based on WebOS.




If you were waiting for it, yeah it`s free! most users of this app are happy with what they get, some may say it`s the best but every user has different opinions. This one is good not only for those who have LG or Samsung Smart TV`s but may own Philips or Sony Smart TV`s. Installation is pretty much easy and since it is free you don`t have to wait for the app activation. To setup your IPTV list, you need a m3u file, it will be imported to the app through the dashboard. If your IPTV provider is offering categorized listing, the app shows if categorized. You can also create your own playlist. EPG is included if the provider has equipped their service with it.



Conclusion: All there can be evaluated before relying on them for long term. Smart IPTV App is cheaper with broad range of features while Smart STB is a bit more expensive and yet can satisfy all your needs with IPTV. SSIPTV is free and considering that, the app has necessary features to let it`s clients stay happy with it.

Let us know your idea. Have you had any experience with any of these apps? are you using any? if yes, we would like to hear your experience.


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