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Installation of apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick is an easy thing to do: You search the app market, choose the app and click install, job done! Sometimes installation encounters errors saying "the origin of this app is unknown" or "Publisher of the app is unknown". This usually happens when user tries to install an app from outside of amazon market. Here we show how to enable installation of these apps on Amazon Fire Stick.

When should "Apps From Unknown Sources" be enabled?

Generally this feature is needed when an app is being installed from within another app. For instance if you have the "Downloader" app, which is a downloader and installer app by itself, and you want to install an app using Downloader on your Fire Stick, then you are basically installing app from outside of Amazon market. This is when you need to enable this feature.


Since Amazon Fire Sticks come in two different kind of Old and New interfaces, we explain this in details for both:

-New Amazon Fire TV Interface (Version and later)

-Old Amazon Fire TV Interface (Version and older)


-New Amazon Fire TV Interface (Version and later)

1-From the home screen of Fire Stick, choose Settings.


2-Now move right and select Device


3-Scroll down and choose Developer Options


4-Scroll to Apps From Unknown Sources and turn it ON


5-Once popup shows up, click Turn On


-Old Amazon Fire TV Interface (Version and older)

1-From home screen of Fire TV, choose Setting


2-Choose System


3-From System section, choose Developer Options


4-Scroll down to Apps From Unknown Sources and click on it


5-Finally click on OK to have the feature enabled.


Once again, remember that it is not necessary to have this enabled all times. Hope you have found this useful.

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