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All IPTV provider nowadays competing for providing the best possible picture quality. That is indeed vital but the moment client find out that the service he is purchasing does not support EPG, it might make him hesitate to buy the service. That said, providing EPG and injecting it into IPTV service is pretty easy. In this article we`re gonna show you how to add EPG to Xtream Codes Panel.

In this article, we will cover the following matters:

-How to add EPG to Xtream Codes IPTV Panel

-How to add EPG to each channel stream


-How to add EPG to Xtream Codes IPTV Panel

1-After logging into the panel as Administrator, from the left column, find Live/VOD Tools and click on Manage EPG.



2-Here, the EPG source(s) can be added. In EPG Name can be any desired name and EPG Source File the URL to the EPG source chosen.

Note: If you have Catch Ups on your panel, you can keep EPG for few days. This can be done by putting the desired number of days on Keep Old EPG Data for X Days field.

Finally click on Do It.


3-Xtream Codes panel runs EPG via Cronjobs, so it is necessary to rewrite Cronjobs file to have the epg Crons properly set. To do so, we need to Remake the main server. From the left column, scroll down to Streaming Servers and choose Manage Servers.


4-Now find your Main Server from the list and from option column choose Remake Server. Might take a little while depending on how busy your server is and how much resources it has. You can refresh Manage Servers page to check on server`s status and once it is Green, that means remake is done.


5-Now we need to head back to Manage EPG section of the panel. On top of that page, there are two buttons, Flush EPG and Reload EPG. We need to first Flush EPG to remake any previous EPG data (just t be sure) and once it`s done then Reload EPG. Reloading EPG can take a while depending on the size of data each one of the added EPG url`s going to give.


6-Here on our sample panel, we have two EPG url`s added. One has given us over 183000 piece of EPG data and the other 88000.

Note: The number reflects amount of different EPG pieces of data not the number of channels.


That was it for adding EPG sources to IPTV panel. You can add unlimited separate EPG sources. There is no limit to it.

So now let`s see how EPG can be added to each stream.


-How to add EPG to each channel stream


1-From left column, under Live/VOD/Radio choose Manage Streams


2-Find your desired stream and click Edit


3-Scroll down the page and find EPG section:

-Select EPG Source: choosing between different EPG sources. In other words, all EPG URL`s added in Manage EPG page will appear here.

-Select EPG Channel ID: is actually the name of the channel. EPG listing here is usually a long list so the fastest way for finding your desired epg is by typing the name. Click on the scrolling list and once it is opened, start typing the name of the channel until it appears.

-Select EPG Language: is the language tag. If sometimes you can not find any language tag for an EPG or maybe not a proper language for what you are expecting, it`s fine. You need to notify the EPG admin to have it fixed though.

Finally click Edit Stream.


4-In Xtream Codes IPTV Panel, it is necessary to reboot each stream after editing to have changes applied.


That would be all. This is called Built-in EPG and if a provider has that, any client can turn a simple m3u url into EPG url which is needed sometimes for players like Perfect Player which need separate EPG URL. If you want to know more, read this tutorial.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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