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One of the most popular and user-friendly apps to run IPTV with is IPTV Smarters. This is being developed by WHMCS Smarters team. Here we`ll show you how easy it is to put IPTV on this app.


1-First lookup and install the app from your OS Store.


2-Read and Accept the terms.


3-Click on Add New User to begin adding your IPTV Provider feed.


4-Ok so here you`ve got two options:

A-Load Your Playlist or File/URL

B-Login with Xtream Codes API


A-Load Your Playlist or File/URL


A-1-Since the app requires accessing your storage, you need to give it the required permission.


A-2-Chose a desired name for your playlist. Then if you have downloaded the m3u file, leave the Playlist Type on File and browse the file. If you`re gonna load the list through a url you have, put it on M3U URL and type in the URL Once done, Click on Add User.


B-Login with Xtream Codes API


B-1-So this method is more advised and is very easy. There are many other IPTV API`s using the same method to input IPTV feeds.

Lets say your IPTV provider has sent you this m3u url: (this URL is just an example)


To put this m3u in the above section of the app:

Any Name: is what ever name you want your playlist have

Username: abcd

password: efgh

http://url_here.com:port: http://myiptvprovider.net:20000

Super easy! now click Add User.


B-2-If your inputted values are correct, the app will start downloading contents.


B-3-It has loaded up just fine. As you can see the interface is quite good, everything in it`s right place. Rest of the app is self-explanatory.

The only thing you need to do is to click on Install EPG, there at the middle of the display, to have the epg installed for the first time.


It`s that easy :) let us know if you have any questions about it.

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