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How to improve online video buffering on VLC player using network cache?

VLC Player, one of the vastly used media players, is the most flawless IPTV player, specially when you run IPTV on PC. Using this media player also is the most reliable method for evaluating an IPTV provider checking Live TV and VOD streams. In some cases, when clients have low internet bandwidth, video streams buffer badly causing lagging and freezing, but a simple tweak inside the preferences section can remedy this for the most part and in most cases result in a completely lag free streaming.

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How to install STB EMU on Amazon FireTV Stick via Downloader?

Previously we have spoke about STB Emulator, it`s benefits and how to install it on an android device. We also explained how to work with Amazon FireTV Stick. Now in this tutorial we`re going to explain the installation procedure of STB EMU on Firestick as it is not directly accessible from the android market on Amazon Sticks.

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How to add EPG to Xtream Codes IPTV Panel?

All IPTV provider nowadays competing for providing the best possible picture quality. That is indeed vital but the moment client find out that the service he is purchasing does not support EPG, it might make him hesitate to buy the service. That said, providing EPG and injecting it into IPTV service is pretty easy. In this article we`re gonna show you how to add EPG to Xtream Codes Panel.

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How to setup IPTV on IPTV Smarters App?

One of the most popular and user-friendly apps to run IPTV with is IPTV Smarters. This is being developed by WHMCS Smarters team. Here we`ll show you how easy it is to put IPTV on this app.

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How to install IPTV on STB Emu Android version?

Quick stream buffer, categorized and neat form of channel listing and many other features should be enough reason for anyone to use apps and devices which run based on Stalker Portal. STB Emulator (STB Emu in short) is yet another great app for those who love Stalker Portal.

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Amazon Fire Tv Stick: How to install apps from unknown sources?

Installation of apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick is an easy thing to do: You search the app market, choose the app and click install, job done! Sometimes installation encounters errors saying "the origin of this app is unknown" or "Publisher of the app is unknown". This usually happens when user tries to install an app from outside of amazon market. Here we show how to enable installation of these apps on Amazon Fire Stick.

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