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Whether you are an end-user, reseller or main provider in Cardsharing(CCCam) or IPTV, you have to use Cryptocurrency! It is fast, safe and most importantly untraceable.

Using payment methods like Paypal, Credit Card, Skrill and lots of other methods which require your identity verification might not be a good idea while buying or selling Cardsharing or IPTV services due to the following reasons:


Why should you avoid using official payment companies?

Financial Traction: These companies track your financial activities and since you are doing it on their servers, they track every single penny you send or receive. Now imagine you are paying an IPTV provider by paypal. They find about that guy selling illegal service and permanently block his account. Next step is tracing all incoming payments to that account! every user who paid that account is now being watched and they might one day wake up and see the message "after a review on your account, we decided to permanently close it!" and your money gets locked up. Moreover, your name is now linked to something shady and that might also cause problems.

Scary Disclamatory Policies: These companies have a funny term in their million pages "Terms of Service" that you accept whether you know it or not when you open an account with them. "We can suspend or close your account anytime we see necessary!" There have been cases where the poor client never even done something wrong let alone paying for IPTV or Cardsharing but lost his account and when you ask why a copy/paste email comes "We're sorry about any inconveniences it may have caused!"

Unsafe and Exploitable to Providers: This example is no offense to end-users although it is a fact! If you are a provider with even short term experience in Cardsharing or IPTV, you must have had a case where a client pays in paypal, uses the service for a while and then threatens to open a dispute case or even worse, they do open the dispute and start threatening you. When you ask why, they either don't respond or politely say service is not good due to .... . Either way, you need to refund because if you don't you're in deep trouble risking the case to escalate into claim. Two three cases like that and paypal will suspend you account asking for documents and loads of questions. If they look deep and see the pattern in your payment, then you are done!

Unbelievable Sky-high Fees: Credit Card companies sometimes charge up to 6% fee per a transaction. Paypal fee varies between 4 to sometimes 6 percent and this fee mostly hits the seller. For instance if you sell a service for 50 euros and client pays you via paypal in Goods/Services method, 2,30 euros goes to paypal pocket and 47,70 euros into yours. Now if you are telling your self "I'd ask my clients to pay me in Family/Friends method" you should know after a few payments, you'll get your account flagged to be checked by a agent investigating why you have so many family and friends ;) and then you'll be suspended to provide explanation.


If you want to avoid the headaches above, you need to use Cryptocurrency!

It's fast: Most of the transactions in Crypto won't take more than 10 minutes to get confirmation so it is pretty fast for a payment method which relieves you from problems listed above.

It's untraceable: as of now, there has been not a single case of tracing Crypto transactions. Every single one of those transactions has been safe from the radar of any government agencies all around the world.

It's safe: the point above plus the money you have in form of Crypto is just meaning less numbers and characters to others and meaningful only to you! There is no "oh my god! they got my credit card number and CVV".

It's future looking bright: Right this moment BTC is worth 11,000 US Dollars and market specials expecting it to hit 50k. Some even say 100k. We don't advise investing in that because we are not  financial experts but that at least shows how precious Bitcoin is.


But is the above mentioned point enough for users and providers to start using Crypto? definitely not. Users would complain that Crypto is an uncharted territory for them and the same lack of knowledge results in fear and that fear will result in providers not being able to work with Cryptocurrency.


Below we'll show you providers how to change that and make it easy for your clients to pay you in Cryptocurrency:

1-Show them how to buy Crypto: If a client decides to pay you in Crypto, they need to first get hold of it. You need to make tutorials for them on how to purchase Crypto from well-known, highly trusted websites. Localbitcoins.com, Coinmama.com, Paxful.com and many others are out there. Purchasing BTC from those websites is very easy. It can be done with Paypal, Credit Card, National Bank Account or any other payment method that your client may prefer. Crypto sellers are there from all around the world so there are no country limits. Good thing is, those website lock the amount of Crypto from the seller and your client can make the purchase without being scared of getting rubbed. As a provider, you can make invoices too which makes the purchase procedure much easier.

2-Be as helpful as you can: in your tutorials and while being ask for help by clients about this. Once they see how easy it is, they'll suggest this to other people as well.


We would also like to have a word with end-users:

1-Crypto currency has no refund: So if you pay someone they must be fully trusted by you or else you can not do anything. If you know the provider and have been paying them for a while and now they have changed to Crypto, trust them. This will help them to earn money in a better way which will result in keep the service you like alive!

2-Make sure you are paying the correct Crypto address: A single character goes wrong and you are paying god knows who! Best way is to copy/paste the address or if you have the Crypto wallet on your handheld device, scan the QR code.


At the end of the day, it's your money, it's your service. You're the best person to make the decision how it should be done.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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