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Ii you are using any of Microsoft email services like @hotmail, @outlook and you noticed that you are missing on your provider's email messages or news letters, like they go into spam folder or not received at all, then you need to Safe list IPTV provider email address in Microsoft services settings.

In past few years, email providers have upgraded their game in terms of fighting spam. One of the effective ways has been a method called Grey Listing. For instance in Microsoft case, if your IPTV provider's daily messages towards Microsoft mail addresses is on a high volume, their messages might get throttled, delayed or even filtered.

There is, however, a fix for that. You can easily safe list your IPTV Provider's email address on your @hotmail inbox, for instance, and never miss on any of their emails.


Safe list IPTV provider email address in Microsoft services


1-In your dashboard page of your inbox, click the Gear icon.


2-Scroll down and click View All Outlook Settings.


3-Go to Junk Mail section.


4-You should see a middle section called Safe Senders and Domains. Click +Add in that section.


5-Type your IPTV Provider's email address there. If they have different addresses under same domain, you can just type the main domain there. Once typed in, hit Enter on your keyboard.


6-Click Save to apply settings.


7-Scroll down a bit and you should see another section called Safe Mailing Lists. Click +Add in that section.


8-Adding the address in this section is just for double assurance. Done, from now on you should never miss on your IPTV Provider's emails.


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