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How to measure internet speed on IPTV devices? (Best Guide)

Every now and then, an IPTV user should check the speed of the internet provided. The fact that most IPTV devices are android makes it very easy to carry out this process because there is a great application we can benefit from. Let's see How to measure internet speed on IPTV devices.

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How to run Speedtest while diagnosing IPTV buffering issues?

IPTV runs through internet, Oh really Einstein?! and that internet connection needs to be solid. Lowest ping time (latency) possible towards the IPTV server, and at least 20 megabits of stable bandwidth. There are times when IPTV streaming faces issues on client's end. Checking the stability of internet connection must be the first step in terms of diagnostics while trying to fix IPTV buffering issues.

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How to use SSH Terminal for IPTV and Cardsharing purposes?

If we are to use an enigma 2 satellite receiver for cardsharing or IPTV purposes, probably not always but sometimes, accessing the box using SSH terminal is necessary. For instance reading the log fine, fixing software issues or running script commands.

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