Becoming the best IPTV reseller (Ultimate Tips)


The whole idea of becoming an IPTV reseller is making money out of IPTV the easiest way with as much less trouble as possible. You might be searching "how do I become an IPTV retailer?" or "how to become and IPTV reseller?", looking for some quick tips to start as an IPTV reseller, filling your pocket asap, but I'm afraid it's not that easy. It requires hard work and dedication to start the service, make a name for yourself and after that the maintaining phase starts, the effort to keep the service on an acceptable level and at the same time add more users.

In the IPTV market you are roaming, there are 3 levels or let's say 3 groups of people: 1-first-hand providers who make the infrastructure and streaming feed and provide it to everyone (there usually is a Feed-Provider before that) 2-Resellers who retail the service and 3-end-users who are paying for the service and have no income apart from sheer enjoyment of watching the service. As you can see, resellers are sort of medium between the main provider and end-users. Being that junction has it's pros and cons.

What are the best tips for becoming the best IPTV reseller?​

1-Your dedication equals your level of income
Depending on your efforts and dedication to this, your income may vary, so, are you unemployed right now? or do you have a job and want this to be your part-time thing? How much time can and will you put in this? You are going to get a reseller panel from a provider and they are the ones who need to manage servers and maintain the quality of streams. If your provider is well-known for eagle-eyeing their service, you don't need to worry about the service much. In other words, the more stable your provider is, the less time you need to dedicate responding to issue reports of your clients and relaying those reports to the provider asking for a fix. But still you need to take some time on a daily basis to check everything, answer some clients and provide support. Some dont know how to setup the service, some may ran into issues and the fault is on their side e.g. internet issues, device malfunction ... On the other hand, marketing for the growth of the service takes time as well. So plan this right and see how much time you can dedicate into this.

2-Be honest with yourself, lay out facts
Among friends, colleagues and people who know me, I am very well-known for being bluntly honest. So I am going to break it to you in simple words. You are going to make money out of IPTV which is not completely legal. Almost everyone who do this may not find it easy to tell others, even their loved ones, that they are an IPTV reseller, making money out of this. How will you manage that? This is usually a big deal for those who choose this as their one and only job and when they do well, people around them will ask "dude, where do you get this money from?", "what do you do for living?". If this is going to be a small part time, that should be easily manageable. If you're going to go big on this, find a good cover story, and if you are okay with people know what you do, thats not very wise!

3-Ensure your online safety (January 26 2023 - this part to be updated soon)
With few simple security tips you can ensure your online anonymity and massively lower the risk of being exposed. There are various things to do and the most important would be using VPN. Any of the well-known VPN providers would do. I will soon link another article here explaining best practices for this, because putting a VPN on by itself is not enough.

No matter the scale of your business, marketing is needed. There are various ways to do this and with each way comes it's problems. For instance, if you launch a website, you would want to have it indexed on google and get organic traffic, but from time to time, some IPTV provider websites are hit by Digital Millennium and get delisted from google. "Unwanted parties" may lurk inside the service through free trial forms and so on. There are many sides to this. Let me provide some tips:
-Run an affiliate referral system in a way that if any of your clients refer someone, they get 1 month free as a gift. It would be a good incentive and also ensures the new clients are trusted genuine users.
-Another tip would be looking for communities, forums or social groups. For instance, in the UK people are mad about football. If you can get a stable UK package, you can offer a reliable service to sport hungry fans. One happy client in a community will bring hundreds new organic clients.
-Subscribe in social groups, IPTV forums and provide help. Try to learn to work with a device, like Firestick. Learn as much trcisk with it as you can. Then subscribe on forums and online social groups, and provide help to people in need. They will see how knowledgeable you are and will ask your for an advise on a trust provider. On some forums you can get the trusted Reseller Rank and that will make your job easier.

5-Decide on a doable target market
If you are living in India, it is not advised to focus on Latin America IPTV market because most probably you have no clue about the needs and priorities of the people there. Start focused, emphasizing on the country package you know and make it work perfect on your service by providing improvement tips to your provider.

6-Decide on your payment method
Think about the most reliable, less risky method of getting paid by clients. Throughout the years, I've seen many use Paypal and ask clients to pay them in "Friends and Family" method. This is the worst thing you can do. Your account will be suspended and you will asked for explanation and that ultimately, usually, ends in account termination. If you want to use Paypal, you need a good plan, but I recommend other methods. See which anonymous method is available in your country. Cryptocurrency is the best if you can find a user-friendly payment gateway for it.

7-Find a solid provider
Search for a reliable provider. Submit a free trial with a simple, low profile email address and evaluate their service for a few days during live events. Test your target market country channels. Evaluate their response time. If they have a website, look for channel listing page, see when was the last time they reworked the stream of your desired country channels.

8-Understand the panel
If you are new to IPTV, make sure your IPTV provider has a guide for their panel. Almost all panels are the same and follow Xtream Codes foot steps. Therefore you can read this guide on How to work with an IPTV panel. Post goes back in years but all are the same. Working with an IPTV panel is so simple really and you will learn it in no time.

9-Streaming lines only
The best IPTV extension to work with is M3U streaming line. You can install it on any devices and it is not limited to specific devices or operating systems. Your client can install the m3u on unlimited devices but only one device at a time can go online (depending on the allowed concurrent connections).

10-Use your own private DNS address
I am referring to the domain address on streaming lines, this part "". You can have your own domain address and assign it to your reseller panel. Register a domain with an "off-shore registrar" to ensure no copyright claim can hit you and then give that domain, or if you want a dub-domain on the main address, to the provider for pairing it with your panel. You will then need to add their IP address of the main server to your domain panel. Once set, when you extract the line out of any account, it will have your own domain address and not the IPTV provider's. Later if you decide to change provider, you will remove the domain from previous provider and add it to the new panel and simply change the main server IP address to the new provider. Your end users wont notice a thing.

11-Make your own android application
If you have your own DNS, you can also ask any of the well-known coding teams to make you a rebranded android app with your own DNS embedded inside. So when you give the app with an IPTV account to a client, even if you change provider, no changes are necessary on client's side. On the other hand, your clients only need to enter username and password of the streaming line as other details like DNS and Port are already embedded, so security-wise it's very safe because you wont expose your dns address to anyone.

12-Do step 10 and 11 and juice it up with VPN!
So if you do those 2 steps (Own DNS + App), you can go further by adding a VPN to your android app. You can get a VPS or a dedicated server (depending on the scale of your business), install a VPN panel on it, make 1 account with unlimited amount of concurrent connection allowed and then ask the coders of your android app to embed it inside in a way that VPN certificate files, username and password of the VPN account are all embedded and users are only provided with a button. They click and it connects. You do steps 10, 11, 12 and nothing will touch you. Even if your provider gets the block, your clients click on VPN and bypass it just easily.

13-Keep track of your records
Most IPTV panels have a note section and almost all resellers leave their notes there and thats it! what if the provider goes down? you will lose all your notes. It is advised to make accounting sheets and save all the details there, preferably you can store those on cloud spaces to ensure it's integrity and so you can access them anywhere.

14-Make a calendar and track big events
We have already spoken about the main target market. If you are in the US and your target market is there, you need to track NFL, NBA, MLB ... schedule and get ready to provide support during those events. In Europe, people are crazy about Football, F1, MotoGP, Rugby and some various other sports. Keep a calendar of all those events. For instance usually Saturday and Sunday from 12pm noon GMT till 12am midnight would be packed with events. You need to be online during that period especially if you have couple hundred clients, and I can tell you why:
-Usually, this is the time when you get new clients, how? there are many lazy providers out there who either dont provide a good service or dont provide quick support during the period mentioned above. Clients get frustrated and look for a new provider. If you are there, there's a big chance they will turn to your service.
-Some of your clients' accounts may have expired and they find out right before the start of the event when they turn the TV on. If you manage the renewal process manually, you should be there to offer a quick renewal.
-Stream issues happen. As mentioned above, IPTV providers usually get the issue reports even if you dont say anything about it as they have other resellers and clients (you should do your part though) but you need to be there when this happens so when your clients report the issue, know that there is someone on the other side of the line listening and caring.

15-Communicate, keep everyone posted
One of the things which shows your responsibility and I see many are doing it these days would be running an announcement channel to post news, updates and coverage schedules on it. Clients subscribe to that channel and get the latest updates right on their phones. Also, dont just post the news, use proper timestamps and dates.

16-Be patient with clients
You need to slow it down and have some patience with some users. Some get frustrated with issues and some dont know how to work with stuff. A client sends you an issue report, frustrated about a stream having bad buffering, you check it and they are right. Follow up on it, relay that to provider, fix it and tell the client that it is fixed, thank them for bringing that to your attention and that's, ladies and gents, how you turn a client into a preacher of your service. Respect clients. If you are not going to respect clients, trash talk them and not being patient with them, you will one day find yourself in trouble!

17-I am begging you, BE HONEST!
Guys it has been tried and has not killed anyone. Be honest with your users. If you can not provide a stable service for certain streams or package, just tell them. Refund them if necessary. Think about your name in the long run.

18-keep your head down
Do not look for trouble. I'm not saying to give in for any threats you may receive. I'm saying do not pick a fight with people whom you have no idea about. I dont want to scare you or anything, just keep it low profile and do your job.
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