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GSE Smart IPTV on Mac computer: How to install it

Running GSE Smart IPTV on mac is one of the best choices for apple computer users when they want to stream their favorite IPTV service on their macbook pro, macbook air or even iMAC.

Why using GSE Smart IPTV on mac

If you are after an application to help you stream IPTV on apple computer / laptop, GSE Smart IPTV is a great option. It has a very nice looking dashboard, built-in media player engine is very powerful, EPG setup is pretty easy and functions really well, recording works and you have broad range of features thanks to the extended settings section. It is probably the best streaming application on macOS.

GSE application has two versions: Lite which is free with limited features and has a writing when you try to stream IPTV content. Pro version is paid, around $6 and does work really well with all the features unlocked.


Installing GSE Smart IPTV on Apple computer

Installation is done through Appstore. Let's launch it up and start the process.


find gse smart iptv on appstore

1-Open the appstore and in the search field at the top left corner type "gse" then press enter.


pay for gse smart iptv

2-GSE Smart IPTV on Apple macOS hast 2 versions: Lite and Pro. Lite version is a limited copy of the Pro version which is paid and on Lite version you will have to endure "GET PRO VERSION" watermark on the screen literally blocking your vision.

The paid version costs only $6 and it is worth it. So if you want to have this great application on your macOS running full power, go for the Pro version.

Click on the price tag in front of the application's name and make the payment.


download gse smart app

3-Once the app is paid for, the GET will appear. Click on it, Install and then open GSE Smart IPTV on your computer.


xtream codes api on gse smart iptv

4-Let's start adding the IPTV playlist using Xtream Codes API since it is the easiest way.


add iptv playlist

5-Select the plus sign at the top right.

Note: If you see any sample lists added, delete them first.


entering iptv details to gse in XC format

6-A streaming line you have from your provider should be added to GSE Smart IPTV on macOS as per below

Assign a desired name for the playlist.

Type in the server address and the port.

The value after "username=" in your streaming line goes here.

The value after "password=" in your streaming line goes here.

Once everything is inputted, select Login.


auto update settings for playlist

7-If the details are correct, your playlist will be added successfully. No EPG or channel list are downloaded yet.

As you can see in the picture above, we can enable a channel list auto-update function and assign the function to run every X days.


set up epg on gse smart iptv app

8-We have chosen to set channel list auto-update to run every 2 days.

Let's set up EPG update function as well.


epg added to gse application

9-Since we added our IPTV playlist in Xtream Codes format, an auto-generated EPG entry is created for it.

Note: If you see other sample EPG entries, you can remove them.


epg auto update settings on gse smart iptv

10-Just like the playlist, you can set up an auto-update function for EPG as well. This way, GSE Smart IPTV will keep the EPG fresh.

Let's go back to our playlist section.


epg downloading

11- The EPG auto-update function starts to pull data. Wait until this process is done.


epg tiem table on gse smart iptv application

12-As soon as EPG data download process is finished, it gets propagated and a timetable will pop up quickly after that. You can close it.


loading channel listing on gse

13-Now double click the playlist so the channel listing is also dowloaded and fetched.


iptv account details on gse smart

14-Our playlist content, including Live TV and Video-on-Demand, is loaded.

Details about our IPTV account which we got from our IPTV provider is shown as well.

Go ahead and check Live TV listing on GSE Smart IPTV on apple macOS.


channel categories on gse

15-Everything is categorized and ready for playing.


channels with epg in a list

16-Program icons (since it is supported by our provider) as well as the Electronic Program Guide which we initiated and downloaded earlier are properly propagated.


gse channel info bar

17-Here's a view of the bottom toolbar while watching a channel.

Application is ready, enjoy.



Installing GSE Smart IPTV on your apple computer is going to be one of the best choices you have to watch IPTV. Whether you have a Macbook or iMAC, GSE is going to run smoothly on macOS. There are almost any feature you can ask for: categorized listing, recording, favoriting you name it; but on top of those, smooth playback would be the best thing this application is going to deliver. The ultimate functionality of this application is achieved through Pro version which is paid.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.