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How to fix audio syncing issue in STB EMU by changing Media Player engine?

STB EMU is one of the most flexible Stalker_Portal apps which runs on android devices. However it's been reported from time to time that default settings sometimes end up having audio syncing issues. Fixing that is easy and simply needs changing of a simple setting.

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How to install Smart IPTV app on Samsung Smart TV via USB flash drive?

Samsung app market has recently removed Smart IPTV app from their store. In this tutorial we will show you how to install the app manually using a USB stick.

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How to manually backup MySQL database of an IPTV CMS?

If you are an IPTV provider, you should highly care about the MySQL database as it is the heart of anything you have, anything you do. All tables are saved there. Knowing that brings up the Backup factor. A good IPTV CMS Software should have an auto-backupper feature but if it doesn't or you prefer doing it manually, you're gonna read this tutorial.

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How to add IPTV to IPTV Extreme app?

IPTV Extreme is yet another great IPTV app which can be used. The interface and activation method is somehow identical to Smart IPTV app.

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Why should clients and providers use Cryptocurrency in Cardsharing and IPTV?

Whether you are an end-user, reseller or main provider in Cardsharing(CCCam) or IPTV, you have to use Cryptocurrency! It is fast, safe and most importantly untraceable.

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How to setup IPTV on BuzzTV XPL3000 box?

One of the best IPTV set-up boxes which is currently available on the market is BuzzTV XPL 3000. It delivers the best possible IPTV user experience not just because of it's fancy look but as a result of having 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 5x faster GPU, 4x faster CPU, 4K/UHD capabilities, h265 HEVC video format compatibility and ... Here we'll show you how easy it is to setup IPTV on this device.

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How to setup IPTV on Openbox v9s?

If you are using Openbox v9s, unlike it's older versions, it can run IPTV smoothly through IPTV apps it has built-in. App interface will give you channel grouping, EPG and other nice features, much much better than having IPTV installed on Openbox v8s ;)

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How to understand and make OSCam config files?

OSCam runs based on configuration files. These files contain configurations of OSCam and what ever you save as inputs and settings on OSCam interface gets save there. Here we are going to talk about these files.

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