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How to record IPTV using TiviMate on a USB flash drive?

One of the key features of TiviMate IPTV player app is the ability to record. The recording function is so flexible and gives you the ability to record manually or pre-scheduled.

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Why DuplexPlay application stopped working? What are alternatives?

A while ago, DuplexPlay application, a very well designed and nicely formatted IPTV player, stopped working and then completely vanished from users' devices. Here we will have a look at the reason for the app being discontinued and then present some alternatives.

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How to allow storage permission for applications on amazon firestick?

Each and every application on any device requires storage permission if they are to place or modify files on a device storage. Firestick is no different.

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IPTV free trial: what is it and what to expect from it?

The very first step of purchasing an IPTV subscription is to get a free test account to be able to evaluate and trial the IPTV provider. After all, you need to know what you are paying your hard-earned money for.

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How to fix unauthorized 401 error when watching IPTV?

You have launched your app and trying to watch your IPTV channel. Error shows up on your screen: "Unauthorized 401". You  know your internet is fine, you know your subscription is valid. What could be the problem?

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How to add IPTV channels to Enigma 2 box using e2m3u2bouquet plugin?

One thing is for sure! Enigma 2 users who have had their boxes since the beginning of cardsharing, will never let go of that device no matter what. As a result, they would want to run their IPTV on the same device as well although devices like Firestick 4K and recent Android boxes are much more advised.

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Stop being scammed: How to find a reliable iptv service?

In any IPTV discussion on Reddit, Facebook and forums, There are many people moaning about being scammed. There are even places to report scammers like IPTV Blacklist or IPTV Reviews subreddits. One might wonder, why would they let scammers take advantage of them in the first place? How can one find a reliable IPTV service?

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How to become a successful IPTV reseller?

Not everyone in the IPTV market can be a first hand provider! The hurdle is too much. Some decide to avoid all that headache and leave all the technical stuff to someone else while they make money out of it by reselling the service. However, being a successful reseller has it's own ups and downs. In this article we will see where and how to start as an IPTV reseller and achieve a stable monthly income. Please note that we are looking at this as a full time job and not a part time thing. Yeah! that serious :)

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