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Sometimes you want to keep tracking of another event while you are watching your favorite show, watching two channels at the same time on the same device. Split Screen is the feature you need. It is also called Multi View Screen and helps you split the TV screen into multiple parts to follow different programs at the same time. Not all IPTV applications have this feature but IPTV Smarters Pro is among the ones which may never let you down. Stay with this tutorial to see How to use Multi Screen on IPTV Smarters Pro.

The main requirement for this feature would be multiple concurrent connection enabled on your IPTV account. The functionality of Multi Screen feature is simple: by adding each extra screen, or in other words adding an extra simultaneous channel, you need an extra concurrent connection available on your IPTV account. Almost all IPTV providers offer their service with 1 concurrent connection allowed on each account and for each extra connection, they charge a little extra. If you want to watch, for instance, 3 channels at the same time, you need to make sure your IPTV account has 3 concurrent connections enabled.

In the example below, our IPTV account has 2x concurrent connection allowed so we can watch 2 channels at the same time.


1-Start watching a channel which is going to be included in your choice of the programs you wan to keep track of. Now you need to bring up the Multi Screen controls. If your device has a remote controller, click the center button once. If on a touch screen device, tap on the screen so the bottom info bar appears. Then click Multi-Screen.


2-You can have up to 4 simultaneous streams in your split screen view with the above shown structures. In our example here, we have 2 concurret connections allowed so we go for that shape shown in the picture above.


3-The channel we were on at the beginning has been placed as the primary on the left. Now click on the + sign to add the 2nd channel.


4-The channel list categories should appear, pick your desired channel and select OK.


5-2nd channel has been added.


6-While you are on any channel, designated by the orange frame around the right channel in the above picture, If you hold the touch or middle button on the remove, Edit to change the channel or Remove will appear.


7-Using the touch screen or the left/right buttons on the remote, you can move the orange frame between the screens to be able to hear that channel. One audio track at a time is playable.


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