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No one can dispute the fact that IPTV Smarters is a good app! but it is well known that the built-in media player engine is not the best. It can sometimes cause blur and audio sync issues as well as having difficulties playing specific VOD and LiveTV video formats. However, developers made it easy for users to change media player engine to an external one.

So, Media Player Engine of any app, is basically the main part which is in charge of decoding and playing audio and video of the IPTV stream. The better the engine, the smoother the picture. Now on most apps you have the ability to change media player engine to an external one. Apps like STB EMU, Smart IPTV and in current case IPTV Smarters, you can install a 3rd party media player and then from the setting page of your first choice app, browser the 3rd party media player to be the media player engine of your first choice app.

The best and the most flawless media player in IPTV world is known to be VLC Media Player. It plays almost anything free of any codec or syncing issues.


As a first step, install VLC Media Player on your device whether it is a Firestick, FireTV, Android box ... and then follow the steps below:



1-From the dashboard of Smarters app, click on the gear icon.



2-Scroll down and select Player Selection.



3-From top right corner, click Add Player.



4-Choose VLC from the list of available players.



5-Now where ever you see Built-in Player, change it to VLC.



6-Once all changed to VLC, click Back.


You can now open play LiveTV or VOD stream you want and you should be able to notice a noticeable quality improvement in terms of zapping, smoothness of play and ability to play streams which were not opening due to missing codecs prior to the change.


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