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MAG normally runs through Stalker Portal, but if for whatever reason it is necessary to run IPTV on a MAG device through M3U, then this tutorial is for you.

Basically, running curious tests aside, there are two reasons why this tutorial and running IPTV through M3U on a MAG is vital:

1-If you are an IPTV provider reading this, you sure have had an experience in which the MAG MAC addresses registered on your panel gets leaked with the streaming line of each MAC extracted and posted online. This is due to a bug in Stalker_Portal and for the time being almost all IPTV CMS service have not had the solution for it. Crackers brute force the stalker portal url of your cms and crack MACs one by one. Some CMS softwares have a script function to block IPs of cracking devices and works to some extent but not enough. Therefore, most IPTV providers are discontinuing the support of all Stalker devices/apps and moving their clients to M3U Streaming lines only. If the client has no other device to run IPTV on, with this tutorial, you can help them run the service using M3U on their MAG.

2-Looking it from end-user's point of view, if the chosen IPTV provider only provides M3U streaming lines and the client only has a MAG as device, learning this method can be handy. Another reason for a client would be whether they prefer the interface of Smart IPTV app but they do not have a Smart TV or an android device and all they have got is a MAG device.


So how this basically works?

All MAG devices run based on a stalker portal. IPTV provider gives the portal url which looks like http://anyprovider.com:port/c/, and activate client's MAC address on their system and it starts loading the portal.

In this case, we will use Smart IPTV app own portal address instead of IPTV provider's address and this will link our MAG device to Smart IPTV system. Once it's done, upon running the portal, Smart IPTV app interface pops up, showing your MAG MAC address and asking for activation. From this point, it will be the usual procedure of activating Smart IPTV on their portal, pairing the MAC with M3U address from the IPTV provider.


Some key points before we proceed with the setup:

1-Smart IPTV says their portal only works on "Aura HD" MAG types, basically MAG 250/254/270. But we do recommend to try this on your MAG device and see if it works. Tests show even MAG4xx can work with this.

2-There are preparation steps advised by Smart IPTV. We recommend to do this on your MAG device and see if it works by default. If not, there are two steps explained at the end of this tutorial to be done. But first do as follows and if does not work, then refer to those two steps at the end of this tutorial and retry.


The setup procedure is the same as when a stalker portal URL is added to any MAG but let's go through the steps as we always do.



1-From the Main Menu select Settings



2-Choose System Settings



3-Select Servers



4-Click Portals



5-Name the portal whatever you like and in the URL field put http://mag.siptv.app/ This is the Stalker Portal URL of Smart IPTV app.

Basically, this address links our MAG device to Smart IPTV app own Database and interface.



6-Now go back one step and Restart Portal.



7-Once the portal loads, Smart IPTV app shows up. As highlighted above, the app has detected our MAG box MAC address and paired it to the app. Now we simply need to use this MAC address to pair it with a M3U url from the IPTV provider at https://siptv.app/mylist/

So, once again:

A-App has detected a MAC address 00:1A:79:6c:ec:8f in this case. For any MAG device it sure varies.

B-We should have a M3U, preferably a M3U_Plus also known as "M3U With Options" from the IPTV provider.



8-This step is just a regular step for pairing a M3U with Smart IPTV app. Do as above and finally click Send.

Now reload the portal on MAG and Smart IPTV app should load with the channel listing.

Below are the General Remote Control buttons function when using Smart IPTV app.

  • P+/P and Arrow buttons - navigate through pages, groups and channels
  • ОК, Up/Down - load channel list in Play mode; show information/channel history
  • INFO, INFOx2 - show programme information
  • Number Keys - direct channel selection
  • "0" - previous channel in Play mode
  • BACK - hide channel list and info; go back to primary list; reload portal
  • EXIT - go back to main portal
  • RATIO, MENU - picture ratio
  • PLAY - permanent infobar
  • STOP - relaunch stream
  • RED - settings in primary list, change audio track, where possible
  • GREEN, GUIDE - EPG + archive; play mode in video player
  • YELLOW - all channels, show digital clock in Play mode
  • BLUE - show groups; settings in Play mode; subtitles in video player


Above are the regular steps to install and run the app. If in some cases running the app stumbles into errors like Time Syncing issues or Display Resolution errors, two steps should be taken: A: Setting the right Video Output Mode/Graphic Resolution and B: Setting the Right NTP settings



A: Setting the right Video Output Mode and Graphic Resolution


A_1: From the settings page go to System Settings and then select Video.



A_2: Set Video Output Mode to 1080i-60 and Graphic Resolution to 1280x720.


B: Setting the Right NTP settings


B_1: From System Settings go to Servers



B_2: Select General



B_3: NTP stands for Network Time Protocol. Almost all devices on planet earth run their time zones using a NTP server. Thats why all devices with internet access have exactly the same timing.

There are many NTP servers all around the world. For instance if you are in the UK, your preferred NTP server should be uk.pool.ntp.org.

Visit the NTP Pool Project own webpage and pick your desired NTP server: https://www.pool.ntp.org/zone/europe


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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