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Tivimate IPTV Player is a reliable android application available for media player setup boxes like Mecool, Xiaomi, Nvidia Shield and even generic android devices like Fire TV Stick. However, installation on normal android and Generic devices is a bit different. Let's see How to install TiViMate on Firestick or Android devices.

In this tutorial we will cover the following:

-Foreword - Prerequisites

-Application Installation

-Tivimate Premium Activation

-Adding IPTV playlist to Tivimate


-Foreword - Prerequisites

1-Users who have Android devices like Mecool, Xiaomi TV Box, Nvidia Shield, A95X or even Android Smart TV's like Sony or Philips, should have access to Google Play Store which enables them to easily search for Tivimate application and install it. So do that and skip this part of the tutorial. However, you can still use the side-loading method explained below if you want to keep focused on this tutorial.

2-If your device does not have access to Google Play Store, or if you are using Generic android devices like Firestick, manual installation using the .APK files should be used. This process is also called side-loading which we are going to use now.

3-Firestick users: since the app is being installed using a 3rd-party APK outside Amazon Web Store, enabling "Installation of apps from unknown sources" on Firestick is going to be required. These steps are a MOST. You can either read that guide or simply follow steps below as we are going to cover that in the process.

4-Android users: Your device may need the same, so in case your device asks for the same permission, keep this guide in mind, How to enable Allow Unknown Apps on Android devices. No need to leave this page now, just keep it in mind in case the device asks.


The IPTV installation method which we are going to use in this tutorial to import IPTV playlist is Xtream Codes API. To have this , Premium features must be unlocked.

Now paying for the license of the app depends on the device:

1-If you are on android device which has Google Play Store, you can pay for the license directly through the app. TiviMate Companion will be popped up and you can start the purchasing process directly through the app.

2-If your device does not have access to Play Store, like a Firestick, the purchase process should be done through an app called TiviMate Companion.

Read this tutorial on How to use TiviMate Companion app to purchase premium license for TiviMate.. The tutorial is thorough and steps are very clear. This step is a MUST so please do it now.


Once the paid license of the app is purchased and ready, proceed with the following steps:


We are going to install TiviMate version 4.6.1 on a Firestick 4K Max from scratch. Our device is brand new and we will follow all the steps one by one so all the occasions you may face during the installation are covered and explained. Let's go:


How to install TiviMate on Firestick or Android devices?


-Application Installation

1-From the dashboard of your Firestick, go to Find and click OK. We want to search for and install an application.


2-Type "downloader". Suggestions will show up immediately. Click Downloader to start the search.


3-Install Downloader application. This app will act as a medium which will help us to download files from outside of Amazon Appstore.


4-Download and install the app.


5-Once done, Open it.


6-Downloader job is to download and store files on our device so it is logical to give this app the access. Click Allow.


7-When Downloader opens, click the upward button on your remote to place the cursor on the search field and then click OK button on remote so the virtual keyboard appears.


8-You can type your desired download address to the TiviMate .apk file. The address you see in the above picture is from our own file database. You can enter that to install TiviMate 4.6.1

You can also check out our IPTV Applications Installation Files.

Once entered the address, click GO.


9-If the address is correct, download should start. Stand by.


10-Since this APK file is not verified by Amazon Appstore, the moment it is downloaded on the device, you may see the following alert. We have talked about this feature before and we have a full guide for how to allow installation of applications from unknown source on Firestick. But lets do it here so we have done this tutorial thoroughly. Click Settings.


11-Select Install Unknown Apps which is basically allowing the installation of APK files from outside Amazon Appstore.


12-As you can see, this feature for Downloader application, which we have just installed, is disabled. Click OK button on the remote while Downloader is highlighted.


13-Now the feature is enabled. Click back button on your remote to go back and proceed with installation.


14-Click Install.


15-Proceed with installation of the app.


16-App is now installed, click Open to launch it and see the dashboard.


17-Most people use the default, free functionality of TiviMate and in this step click Add Playlist to enter the long m3u address and start watching TV.

I highly recommend purchasing and activating the premium license. Click Settings.


-Tivimate Premium Activation

18-Click Unlock Premium.




20-Select Account.


21-Now, you need to enter email address and password of your Tivimate Premium account I advised you to purchase earlier. If you have not done that yet, please complete this step by reading how to purchase TiviMate premium license. Once done, come back here and proceed.


22-Enter the credentials of your Tivimate premium account and click Login.




24-TiviMate Premium License, whether you opt-in for 1 year or lifetime period, gives you 5 slots, the ability to install the premium license on 5 different devices. Here, while Enter Device Name is highlighted, you can click OK on the remote and choose a specific name. Later in your TiviMate profile, you will know which license activated on which device.


25-Once device is renamed, if you wanted to of course, click Activate.


26-1 slot of 5 premium slots from our TiviMate Premium License is applied. Click OK to proceed.


27-After clicking OK, you should be redirected back here. Click Back button on the remote once.


-Adding IPTV playlist to Tivimate

28-Let's add our IPTV playlist now.


29-I recommend adding a M3U to the app and the easiest way to do so is through Xtream Codes API.


30-Now we need to enter the details from the M3U url we have received from our IPTV provider. I'll give an example.

This is just an example, you need to use this to get the data from your own M3U url. If you fail to understand this example, simply ask your IPTV provider for help.

To add the details, when you have highlighted Server Address, click OK button on the remove and start by adding server:port, then when you click Next, it will automatically change to Username and after that password. So each time you click Next, it automatically move you to the next field, helping you entering the details quicker.

Imagine we have the following M3U url from our provider:


Then we enter the details in TiviMate like below:

Server Address: According to the example above, it should be myprovider.com:8445

Username: According to the example above, it should be user1

Password: According to the example above, it should be pass1

If you want to have VOD content, you can leave those checkboxes selected.


31-Once all the details are entered, highlight Next and click OK button on remote.


32-Standby until the app pulls data from the server.


33-From the left, you can see the stats of the data which have been successfully pulled from the server. In the middle, you can highlight the Playlist Name and assign a name to your playlist which will be helpful if you decide to add multiple IPTV lists from different providers on the same application.. Once all confirmed, highlight Done and click OK button on remote.


34-Few remote controller tips.


35-You can click the back button to get the above look so you know where you are. EPG propagation might take 10 to 20 seconds.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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