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There are times when IPTV Smarters Pro default media player on android or Firestick devices does not stream your desired Live TV, movies or series properly. Buffering issues might happen or maybe it does not play at all. If you are confident that the IPTV feed is alright, then you might want to make some changes to the application media player. To do that, you need to know how to change IPTV Smarters Pro built-in player to external on android or Firestick devices.

So let's clarify what we are going to do and why.

Each IPTV player application has it's own built-in media player engine. The coder of the application does their best to add as much necessary codecs as possible in order for the application to decode all media content perfectly. However, they need to keep the application source code efficient and as short as possible. As a result, the application media player engine may fail to play some media content properly or playing it at all. IPTV applications like IPTV Smarters Pro on android platforms allow users to add external players and replace the built-in player with them.


How to change IPTV Smarters Pro built-in player to external?


I'd like to make two examples here, one for Amazon Fire TV Stick with Amazon Appstore and the other would be an Android tablet which has access to Google Play Store. The procedure is pretty much the same. The only difference would be finding and installing the external player and that is also very easy. We simply need to decide on the best media player application available on the web store of the device we are using, download it and then add it to IPTV Smarters Pro. Let me show you how easy it is.


How to download and install an external player on an Android device?


1-Open Google Play Store and tap on search field.


2-Type VLC, you can click on any of those recommendation for VLC Player.


3-Install the app.


4-VLC is installed. Our job here is done. No need to open the app.


How to download and install an external player on Amazon Fire TV Stick device?


1-From the dashboard, move to Find and then click downward arrow on the remote to bring up the search page.


2-Type VLC, VLC Player will appear as a suggestion so simply click on it.


3-Click on the app icon to start the installation process.


4-Click on Get to start the downloading process.


5-App is installed, you can click back and exit this page. No need to open the app here.


Now let's head over to IPTV Smarters Pro app and add the external player.


1-From the app dashboard, click on the Gear icon.


2-Open External Players.


3-Add Player.


4-Pick the player of your choice, in our case it's VLC. Remember, it has to be a media player, for instance if I now click on Photos, it wont work.


5-Confirm the process by clicking ADD.


6-VLC Player added successfully. Now go back one step.


7-Open Player Selection.


8-The good thing about IPTV Smarters Pro is that you can tune media player engine for each part separately. For instance you can tweak the engine for TV Series while Movies and Live TV use Built-in player. I want to change the normal Live TV so I click where it says "Built-IN" in front of LIVE. The drop down menu appears then I can select VLC which previously installed and introduced to IPTV Smarters Pro as an external player.


9-VLC is now set as the desired default Media Player Engine for LiveTV. You can now go back to the dashboard of the app and player your LiveTV content which is now streamed through VLC Player in the background.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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