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When there are some channels which you frequently watch, it is best to set those channels into a folder for quicker access instead of browse among categories every time. This function is called favoriting. IPTV Smarters pro is one of the IPTV application equipped with such functionality, and in this article we will see How to add live TV channels to favorite in IPTV Smarters Pro.

The procedure of adding a channel into favorite list in IPTV Smarters Pro is pretty straight forward and easy. This applies to all versions on different platforms including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Web TV Player of this application.

On Apple devices, IPTV Smarters Pro is removed from App Store so you should use Smarters Player Lite.

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How to add live TV channels to favorite in IPTV Smarters Pro?


1-While watching a channel, tap the screen once or press the middle button on your remote controller once so the bottom info bar appears. Then click on Channel List.


2-When channel list appears, hold the touch (or middle button on the remote) on the channel you want to add to the favorite list. Add to Favorite should appear. Click that.


3-You can see that a red heart is shown next to the channel now. Also, FAVOURITES in the left column was showing 0 and now changed to 1. Let's click that section and see what's inside.


4-As you can see, the channel which we favorited earlier is showing in the Favorites section.


5-If you decide to removed an already favorited channel. the procedure is the same. You hold the touch (or the middle button on the remote) until the Remove From Favorite appears and then you can click it.


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