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Quick stream buffer, categorized and neat form of channel listing and many other features should be enough reason for anyone to use apps and devices which run based on Stalker Portal. STB Emulator (STB Emu in short) is yet another great app for those who love Stalker Portal.

This app can be installed on almost all devices which run based on android. It can be a Smart TV, an Android Box, Firestick or basically any device which has an app market. First we install the app, then we setup the IPTV service on it using Stalker Portal method. In this instance, we install this app on an Android Box.


-Installing STB Emu on an Android device like Smart TV, Amazon FireTV Stick, Android Box ...

-Installing and configuring IPTV on STB Emu


-Installing STB Emu on Android device

1-First step would be finding and installing the app. So open up PlayStore on your android box and in search area type STB Emu. Select the one as shown above.


2-This is how the app should look like on your PlayStore. Creator should show as Maxim Vasilchuk.

Note: As you can see above, it is a Free app. It is also mentioned that it contains Ads. Pro version of this app is very much the same except for two things: 1-No Ads, although no Ads have bugged anyone on the free version 2-It enables you to use MAG App Control. This includes features like Play/Pause the stream, Fast forward, Keyboard search, On-screen display ... . If you want those and willing to pay for it, you can go with Pro version.


3-Ready, Open it now.


4-After opening the app for the first time, this message will pop up.


5-Click some where on the screen and control buttons will appear. Then from the top right. click on the drop down menu sign.


6-Click Settings.


-Installing and configuring IPTV on STB Emu

To complete this step, two things must be done:

-Finding our MAC address for Stalker Portal activation on IPTV Provider`s side

-Entering IPTV Provider`s Stalker Portal URL inside the app


1-To configure STB settings, select Profiles.


2-Select where says New Profile, shown in red. You can either rename and reconfigure this profile or remove and add new one. In this instance, we simply edit the default profile.


3-This is how it looks inside Profile section. To edit the profile, we need to rename it first so later we recognize our configuration.


4-Let`s name it Live TV. Now click Ok.


5-After naming the profile and clicking OK, you`ll go back to Profile Settings page (Step 3). From there choose Portal Settings and then you`ll have the above page. Click on Portal URL.


6-Now this is where we place the URL from which all the IPTV content is being delivered from IPTV Server to our App, so needs to be entered correctly. You`ll receive this from whom you get the trial/paid IPTV subscription. Type the URL, click OK and go back.


7-From Profile Settings page, choose STB Configuration.


8-Here we have the last piece of the puzzle, the MAC Address. Stalker Portal activation does not have username/password for authentication. You simply send your device MAC address to the IPTV provider, they`ll activate the MAC and send you a portal URL (Step 6). So type the MAC address shown on your app (it is different from our instance for sure) and send it to your provider for activation.


9-Now go all the way back to the main screen of the app and from the top right drop down menu sign, go to Profile and click on the profile you created earlier.


10-As an alternative, it is also possible to click on the menu sign on the top left and from the drop down menu choose Reload Portal. Since we only have one portal profile configured, it will reload that one automatically. It is sometimes necessary to reload portal due to changes being made or to sort a glitch.


11-If all properly setup, portal should be loading like above.


12-Portal will load like this, nice categorized form of a MAG. There you can choose between Live TV categories, Videoclub ... .


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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