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VLC Player, one of the vastly used media players, is the most flawless IPTV player, specially when you run IPTV on PC. Using this media player also is the most reliable method for evaluating an IPTV provider checking Live TV and VOD streams. In some cases, when clients have low internet bandwidth, video streams buffer badly causing lagging and freezing, but a simple tweak inside the preferences section can remedy this for the most part and in most cases result in a completely lag free streaming.

VLC Player is used on almost all Operating Systems including the most popular MAC and Windows. The software interface on both of these platforms are almost the same and the tweak we are about to show you gets done the same way on both. Here we use the MAC version of VLC player.


1-While VLC is your top window, from the apple toolbar, click on VLC and then choose Preferences.


2-The settings we are looking for is not visible in the standard view of the Preferences. To reveal Developers Options select Show All.


3-From the left column click on Input/Codecs and the right section appears. Scroll down to to the bottom of the page. Network Caching is what we are looking for. By default it is set to 1000 ms which means 1 second. The blue arrow shows the default position of the slider. The value needs to be changed to 10000 ms (10 seconds). Easiest way is to click between one of those 0 in the default value and add another 0 so it becomes 10000 ms.


4-Just to be clear, when you put the extra 0 there, the slider comes a little bit to the right side. We insist on this because the value field is small and not showing the full input in it.

Now click Save and retry your online feed. It should surly play better.


We`d love to know your results and whether this tutorial has helped you resolving the buffering issue you may had with your IPTV feeds. Let us know below.

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