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In Cardsharing, there are providers with multiple card ID`s known as CAID. From provider or client point of view, some CAID`s are not working as good as they should. So some get "prioritized" and others "ignored".

With PRIO function, we do a simple thing: Ignore the cards we do not want and Prioritize what we know works better for us. This will command the satellite box receiver to focus on the wanted and ignore the unwanted CAID`s. Here is a an example:

For example, NC+ Poland provider currently has 3 working cards with the following CAID`s:

Seca: 0100

Nagravision: 1884

Conax: 0B01


Now let`s say 0B01 Conax card is not well propagated and available on the CCCam source we are using. In that case, we have to Ignore this card and prioritize others:

(Prioritize/Ignore): CAID:ProviderID:SID

P: 0100:000068

P: 1884:000000

I: 0B01:000000

P: stands for Priority, I: for Ignore and Provider ID is the sub-CAID number. So if a box has the above PRIO commands assigned it, whenever we zap to a NC+ channel which runs through those 3 cards systems, it will never ask the server for 0B01 and always ask for 0100 and 1884. This can also result in fast channel zapping which will improve user experience. Now that was for the main CAID. Let get into details where we can do that for specific channels under the same CAID. 


How to prioritize specific channels under specific CAID`s?

To specify channels, a new part must be added which is called SID. It stands for Service ID which is the channel identification number. For instance, If we want to have nSports+ channel running through 0100 Seca card but TVP 1 under 1884 Nagravision then the follow PRIO commands must be implemented:

P: 0100:000068:3AB9

P: 1884:000000:3ABD

3AB9 is the SID number of nSports+ and 3AE1 belongs to TVP 1.


Where do clients find all these SID and Provider details?

We advise using https://kos.hdsat.pl/ which is by far the best website providing these details and updates them regularly. You can find all required files and contents for CCCam and OSCam there including CCCam.prio and oscam.dvbapi .


How does the prio content get installed on the satellite box receiver?

It depends on the CS Emulator you are using on the box. Two of the most common emulators are CCCam and OSCam:

CCCam: on this one we place PRIO commands inside a file called CCCam.prio . This files then must be uploaded into the box via a USB flash disk. Receiver boxes like Openbox, Spiderbox and all closed source boxes use the same method for uploading the PRIO file. Open source boxes like VU+ require file transfer procedure which is done by any FTP software like Filezilla or WinSZCP. The PRIO file and the commands inside remains the same and you need to simply upload the CCCam.prio file into /etc/ folder or right beside CCCam.cfg file which contains CCCam lines.

OSCam: has a section under Files which is called oscam.dvbapi . This is accessible through the WEBIF (Web Interface). It is also possible to edit this file through a FTP software like Filezilla or WinSCP. You simply need to go to /urs/local/etc/ folder and edit oscam.dvbapi file. No matter which way you prefer to edit this file wether through WEBIF or FTP, same PRIO commands are used.


One of the most important things is that if you are a CS provider, you should never apply such PRIO functionality on your servers as it will definitely cause complications and service errors. It is important that the PRIO functionality be used on client's side.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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