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Attention: This app is highly recommended to LG Smart TV users. Duplex IPTV app might not be as popular as those well known names like Smart STB, Smart IPTV ... but rest assured! this app can play a good quality stream with the best buffering manner possible as well as supplying the client with almost all the features.

So as mentioned above, LGTV users are having hard time finding a proper app running smoothly on their Smart TV and as a result of some restrictions to IPTV services and apps, IPTV Providers need to implement new technics and make changes to bypass the "obstacles" along the way and deliver their service to their end-user. Not all apps and devices can comply to these changes, specially apps on LGTV. We have tested Duplex IPTV app and it did work fine with our trusted IPTV provider service.



As stated by the developer themselves, almost all devices except for Apple-made ones (for which we highly recommend GSE IPTV), are supported.



1-Bring up your LG Content Store, search, find and install Duplex IPTV.



2-Once launched for the first time, you will be presented the following page.

The charges for the paid license of the app are more than a bargain and after enjoying the 7 days free trial, you will most likely paid for it.

Device ID is a virtual MAC address and Device Key is a passcode randomly generated by the app. Best to record them somewhere for quick access.



3-On your PC, Mobile device or any device which you have access to a browser, open the following address > http://edit.duplexiptv.com/

The following page will appear. Enter the Device ID and Device Key here, confirm the humanity check and click on Manage Device.



4-If all goes well, you will be redirected to the management panel of your device. Here you can add your IPTV playlist in few simple clicks.

Add Playlist: You need to input the full m3u url address - If you want everything categorized (given your provider supports categories) you will need M3U_Plus url.

Add XC Playlist: You probably are familiar with this method, breaking down m3u url into server:port and username and password - Just like GSE, IPTV Smarters ...

Both ways are the same really but in this example we will take XC Playlist.



5-Say the M3U url you have got from the IPTV provider is the one below:


Then it will break down into the pieces shown in the above picture.

Note: If this is hard for you, simply Cancel, go back and click Add Playlist.

For EPG part, we have already explained how to make and EPG url out of a m3u url here given your IPTV provider of choice does have built-in EPG.

If you want to protect your playlist from unwanted changes (not necessary really but just in case anyone wants to) check Protect This Playlist and enter the pin number.

Confirm the humanity check and click Save.



6-Playlist is added now.



7-Go back to the TV and if you press OK, your playlist should show up, in our case My PlayList is the one we have just imported.



8-When a playlist is clicked, a very tidy lineup of the content will show up. Let's checkout LiveTV.



9-As per our request, on UK channels are assigned to our account for this test and since our IPTV Provider supports a neat category listing, you can see how tidy the category outline is.

Now let's see how LiveTV actually looks like.



10-Bit like Stalker Portal interface but still likable and equipped with the features everyone looking for. Button functions are:

Red: For complete EPG listing

Green: Favorite function works both for LiveTV and on VOD files

Yellow: Bringing up bouquet categories

Blue: Changing the alphabetical order of the list you are currently on



11-Series and Movies are also neatly categorized.



12-When running VOD files, clicking Blue button on the remote controller brings up the subtitle options. It depends on the VOD file having subs of course.



13-Pressing Yellow button brings up the Audio channels option, to choose between available audio channels.


Without a doubt this app runs great and specially for LGTV users, it has received it's latest updated on February 2020 which makes the app up to speed with regards to changes happened on IPTV market. The low price tag is another reason to go for.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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