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One of the key features of TiviMate IPTV player app is the ability to record. The recording function is so flexible and gives you the ability to record manually or pre-scheduled.

In this tutorial we will cover the following:

-Do I need an external storage for recording?

-Connecting the USB flash

-Creating a desired recording folder on the USB flash via Xplore File Browser

-Creating a desired folder for recordings

-Selecting the recording folder on Tivimate

-Recording in manual mode

-Recording an upcoming program using EPG

-Recording an upcoming program using Custom Recording feature

-Looking up recorded programs


-Do I need an external storage for recording?

Most IPTV feeds these days have a high bitrate which translates into a high quality picture, of course it depends on your IPTV Provider. Recording a single 1080p TV Series episode with 40 to 50 minutes length can size between 2 to 4 Gigabytes. Now, if you are running Tivimate on any android device with big internal storage, like MeCool box, then there is no need for any external storage like a USB flash drive. However, if you are running it on a Firestick, you need an external storage as the internal storage is small and limited. So to go into details and give a more detailed and practical example, we will base this tutorial on a Firestick 4K.


-Connecting the USB flash

Since Firestick does not have enough internal device, it is advised to connect an external device such as a USB flash drive to hold your recordings there. You can do that by using an OTG cable. First connect the OTG cable to the firestick and then connect the USB flash drive into the other side of the OTG.


-Creating a desired recording folder on the USB flash via Xplore File Browser

If you want to store your recordings on an external device such as a USB flash drive, you may want to have it organized by creating folders there. You can connect your SUB flash into a PC, format it with FAT32 (if formatting is required) and then make your desired folders there before connecting it into your firestick. Then you can browse that folder on Tivimate for placing the recordings.

However, Sometimes you may not have access to a PC. In that case, you need a folder manager application. Best for the job is "Xplore File Manager" which is a free file manager on Amazon application store. Ok so enough talking, let's get our hands dirty:


1-From the dashboard, click on search icon and search for "Xplore File Manager". Few letters typed in and the suggestion will come up. Click on it.


2-Click on the thumbnail to install the application.


3-Click Get.


4-Click Open.


5-Click Allow to give X-Plore the permission to access files.


6-This is the front face of the Xplore File Manager application. Now if you see that icon which looks like a sim card (shown by the red circle) that's the external storage we have attached to our firestick. The ANDROID that you see beside is the name of our USB flash drive. Hover over the USB flash name and click OK.


-Creating a desired folder for recordings


7-Here we have another folder that we placed before attaching it called "Android". Let's create a folder inside this one and call it TIVIMATE. So we highlight the Android folder and press OK to open the folder.

Note: In your case, you can do it the way you like. You can completely format your USB flash drive and create your desired folder into the flash drive and name it whatever you want. Totally your choice.


8-Now press and hold the OK button.


9-On the new prompt window, click on New Folder.


10-Click ok so the virtual keyboard appears.


11-Name it what ever you want, here we want to name this folder TIVIMATE.


12-Give permission to the app so it is able to save the folder on the device.


13-The circling sign shows that the folder creation is in process. Wait for it to go away and then click OK button on Android folder.


14-You can see that TIVIMATE folder is created. Now click Back button to exit from Xplore File Manager.


-Selecting the recording folder on Tivimate

15-Open Tivimate.


16-Click left arrow on the remote until the side menu appears and click Settings.


17-Click Other.


18-Go to Recording.


19-Click Recording folder.


20-The current folder path is not our desired one so we want to browse the folder on the USB flash we just made.

Hover onto Select Folder and press OK.


21-Again we see that sim card sign which is the sign for a storage and the name ANDROID which is our USB flash drive. Select that and click OK.


22-Our folder TIVIMATE was made under Android folder which is here so select and click OK.


23-There is the TIVIMATE folder, highlight it and click OK.


24-Now move to right side, highlight Select and click OK.


25-Click Allow.


26-Now as you can see in Folder Path, TIVIMATE folder is set as the recording folder. Highlight OK and press OK on the remote.


27-You should be brought back out of the settings page. Now while we are here, the two elements highlighted by red squares above are the time value in minutes through which you can set how long before a show record should start and when to stop after the show. This timing relies on the EPG or the custom recording settings you set which we get to in a minute.


-Recording in manual mode

28-Now to record, you simply need to play a stream on Tivimate and while on the channel, click UP button on the remote until the above windows appears.

Simply move to the right and highlight the recording sign and click OK.


29-Click Record. Settings will bring you back to step 27.


30-This message is the confirmation that the recording is in progress.


-Recording an upcoming program using EPG

31-You can also trigger the recording process for an upcoming program. To do that, open up the channel list, go to your desired channel and move right to see the upcoming program schedule on the EPG list. Then while on the desired time of air, hold the OK button. When the menu pops up click on Record.


-Recording an upcoming program using Custom Recording feature

32-Sometimes there are events on channels which there is no EPG available but you know the start time of the program. This is where the Custom Recording features saves the day. Simply hold the OK button on that channel until the above window pops up on the right side. Then go to Custom Recording.


33-You can now schedule the recording here. Once done simply click Schedule Recording.


-Looking up recorded programs

34-Recorded programs are accessible in the Recordings section. While on the channel listing, click left arrow button on the remote so the left side menu shows up. Then click Recordings.


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