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If you're on PC/Laptop, working and yet want to watch your favorite sports event, or if you are an IPTV provider/reseller and want to check whether a client's issue report is valid how do you play the stream? it is sometimes hard to find a good streaming software to do so. But what if you could easily do that on your web browser?

There are providers who do have WebTV/WebPlayer solutions for their services and that solves the problem but if your IPTV provider does not have that, then you need to look for your own solution. There are others softwares like VLC Player on PC to stream IPTV which is also nice but the method we are going to use here is useful security-wise, how? another tutorial will be linked here soon.

This method is through a browser extension which is available on Firefox. On Chrome, Brave or any other browser it is possible too but let's take Firefox for this example. Make sure your Firefox is updated to the latest version.


1-Open Firefox browser. Click on quick menu button on top right and select Add-ons and themes


2-In the search field, type HLS Player.

Note: HLS is a video streaming extension. You can read more about video extensions here.


3-Among results, select Native MPEG-Dash + HLS Playback


4-Add to Firefox


5-Click Add to proceed




7-Now, download the M3U file from the url you have for your IPTV service. Right click on it and open the file using a text editor


8-The content of a normal/plain m3u file should look like this. Name of the stream and the server address below that. Let's try Sky Sports PL and see how it goes. Copy the url.


9-Paste the url address in Firefox address bar and then add .m3u8 at the end. The player extension we installed on Firefox is an HLS player and the extension suffix for that is .m3u8 at the end of a streaming line. Thats why we add that value at the end of the address. Without .m3u8 value, the stream would play in MPEGTS (also known as ts) format.

Hit enter.


10-As you can see two beautiful baldies are chatting :) Thats it.

This method is very handy especially for IPTV providers and resellers who want to check the stream when they get issue reports from clients.


A security-related tutorial will soon be linked to this one, explaining why we do this through browser and not through VLC player.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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