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Apple TV is a mini-console multimedia player device with which you can play your audio and video content. It also comes with various paid content such as AppleTV+. But IPTV users would love to install and use IPTV content of the provider of their choice. In this tutorial, we will show how you can add a M3U streaming line to an Apple TV device.

Note: We will keep this article updated with the best application available for Apple TV.


At the moment (November 2022) the best IPTV Application on Apple TV is Smarters Player Lite.



1-Click on AppStore


2-Lookup Smarters Player Lite, install and open the application


3-Accept the license agreement


4-The easiest way is to go with XC API


5-Most of you are familiar with Xtream Codes API login page, it's basically adding details from M3U url into proper fields.

An example:

Imagine the M3U url you have is this:


If you closely look at the url above, you will see some values like the server address, username and password.

Now the above url breaks into the following details if we want to put it into the login page above

Playlist Name: Name it anything you like

Username: according to the above url it should be user1

Password: according to the above url it should be pass1

Server address: according to the above url it should be http://someprovider.xyz:80

Note: above m3u url is just an example, do not use it.



6-With correct details, the app will start pulling data from the service.


7-Playlist is fetched and ready. Click on it.


8-Set a parental ping if you want.


9-From now on, every time you open the app, this should be the dashboard. Select the section you want to watch the content of and enjoy!


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.


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