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From time to time, due to device operating system or application malfunctions, software issues happen to IPTV applications. One form of these issues is EPG not showing on channels. In this case, channels load but the program guide does not propagate and remains empty. There are various solutions to this but the easiest way would be clearing the application cache.

As mentioned above, there are various workarounds for this but the easiest and less fussy method would be clearing cache of the application.

The device used in this example is a Firestick.


So this is the problem we are talking about: EPG section in channel listing is a barren! Let's fix this.


1-Go to settings.


2-Click Apps or Applications


3-Locate TiviMate and click on it.


4-Click Clear Cache.


5-When prompted, click OK.


6-After that, Force Stop the application so in the next step when we relaunch it, it is a fresh start.


7-Approve the force stop.


8-Now go ahead and launch the application. You can also do it from your dashboard.


9-Once the application opens and you are on a channel guide page, click the left arrow button on the remote twice to the left side bar appears. Choose Settings.


10-Select EPG.


11-Here, you should see the 3 sections pointed above.

Update on app start: Enable it if not enabled yet and disable/enable once if it's already enabled.

Update on playlist change: Enable it if not enabled yet and disable/enable once if it's already enabled.

Once done the above, select Update EPG.


12-When that process is done, you can go back to your TV Playlist and you should notice the EPG is now updating and populating.


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