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IPTV Extreme is yet another great IPTV app which can be used. The interface and activation method is somehow identical to Smart IPTV app.

The method of importing the playlist we want to try here is one of the three that this app offers and it is identical to Smart IPTV.



1-After installing the app, open it up. By default, you should see a screen like the one above. MAC is the virtual MAC address generated by the app. On top of it, you can see the address of IPTV Extreme online portal for managing your playlist, remotely.



2-Here we are focused on the part highlighted by red:

MAC Address: is the Virtual MAC address shown in red in previous step. Paste it here.

Playlist Name: can be any name of your choice.

Playlist Link: this is where you should place the m3u url you have received from your IPTV Provider. It's best to put M3U_Plus instead of simple M3U url.

Protection Password: If you want to disallow any unwanted modifications to your playlist, set a password here.

Hide Link: this will hide the playlist url and wont be showing it on the app.

Lock Link: it will lock the m3u url to this playlist only and no one else can use that m3u url with any other mac on IPTV Extreme app database.



3-Open the app now. It starts refreshing the playlist from database.



4-Channels should load now. If you want to see groups (given that the IPTV provider of your choice does categorize channels), move right and select Groups tab.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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