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A while ago, DuplexPlay application, a very well designed and nicely formatted IPTV player, stopped working and then completely vanished from users' devices. Here we will have a look at the reason for the app being discontinued and then present some alternatives.

DuplexPlay made a name for itself not only because of the nice and neat design, but also for the availability on Samsung and LG Smart TV's as the application store on these two closed-source Operating System TV's removed most wanted IPTV apps. DuplexPlay had a very neat dashboard, everything placed in an eye-catching format and it became one of the most user-friendly IPTV applications on the market. We did also make a thorough tutorial for it which had many views. But ... unfortunately it's story was short!


In this article, we will cover:

-The reason behind DuplexPlay being discontinued

-Alternative IPTV application for DuplexPlay users


-Why DuplexPlay stopped working and discontinued?

I have said this many times, to all users on all platforms that the current IPTV market is just like a dark jungle with tens of thousands of hungry wolves! They have no expertise except for ripping everyone off. They then get called out, go down, rebrand, emerge and start all over again. Scammers are every where and IPTV business/brand owners in this market should keep their eyes peeled. You can start a brand, be successful and the next day you see tons of fake websites are attracting attention using your brand name and since this market has no legal basis, there is nowhere you can ask help from. Yeah, you might say DuplexPlay was just an app and not a stream provider but where did Xtream Codes go? they were only a CMS provider, were they not?!


This is the first sight when you try to open the official website of DuplexPlay application.


And this is the other part of the message which has more sense to what is going on.


So basically, someone or some people used the DuplexPlay brand, registered domains, brought up websites and started selling IPTV services. The domain names listed above are just small part of the scandal. The amount of fake websites using DuplexPlay name is huge. You just need to search google and you will be overwhelmed. As a result, developers of the brand decided to withdraw their app from all application stores. The decision was made due to the fact that most of those fake websites were ripping people off their money and the only brand name which was getting the trash talk from clients was DuplexPlay. Since all application market stores have full access to your device database for installation, they can also remove the application in case of developer request and thats what happened to many clients.

DuplexPlay developers claim that their old clients can still use their app and "they have only stopped selling new licenses" but as you may know, many paid clients see their application either not working or gone from their device.

The most probable scenario is that DuplexPlay source code (application) will come back under a new brand, with a little skin change but that's just a wild guess.


-What are the alternative applications for DuplexPlay users?

Biggest fan of this application were Samsung and LG Smart TV users. The application market store on these two TVs were and still is so IPTV-unfriendly and the number of good IPTV apps are limited there. DuplexPlay  was a breath of fresh air when it was available to those clients. The app was also available on Microsoft Market Store and Google Playstore. So, let's present some alternative iptv applications for DuplexPlay:


Samsung/LG Smart TVs: Recently released, there is a new version of IPTV Smarters Pro available on both these devices' market store. IPTV Smarters Pro is a genuine and reliable application. The method of importing the playlist is through Xtream Codes API which means you only need to enter server address, port number, username and password. If you need help for installing your IPTV on the app read this tutorial and continue from Step 2. Smart IPTV app is another choice for which we also have a tutorial here.

Note: IPTV Smarters Pro on Samsung and LGTV is a special version and it is paid. That means your IPTV provider should contact Whmcsmasters team, pay a fee of around $120 for a lifetime activation of the application on their domain address. Try to enter your M3U details. If the app returns error "Invalid URL", and you are sure about your input, then relay the above message to your provider.


Android devices/FireTV Stick: Clients who do have an android device, like Nvidia Shield, MiCool android box, Firestick or even Smart TVs which run based on Android like Sony and Phillips are the ultimate winners. Android OS is the most flexible Operating System for IPTV application. It will give you a handful of apps to choose from. Again, IPTV Smarters Pro is a good choice and here is the tutorial again. GSE IPTV app is another amazing app which might steal your heart. Checkout the tutorial for this application here and if you have any questions about it, ask away in the comment section.


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