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Formuler box is a competent android device equipped with a good scheduled recording feature. Before we have explained how to add IPTV M3U url to MyTVOnline2 application but today we're going to show how you can record a LiveTV program using the Scheduled Recording feature.

First, connect a FAT32, exFAT or NTFS formatted USB flash drive to the Fomuler box. An external hard drive can also do the job too.


Scheduled recording settings can be accessed in two ways:

-Through channel info bar while you are on a channel

-Through Single EPG button on top of channel list page


-Through channel info bar while you are on a channel 

1-While watching a channel, click the INFO button on remote controller so the above toolbar appears.


2-Click the down button on the remote so Actions appear and then select EPG.



3-In the EPG page, find the desired program of the desired channel, move over on it and click the OK button on the remote.


4-Check the settings. Once confirmed, click Save.


5-You should now see the recording-set sign on the left side of the desired program you want to record.

Note: You can enable/disable this on this very same page by pressing the recording button on remote controller.


-Through Single EPG button on top of channel list page 

1-While watching a channel, click OK button on remote so the channel list page appears. Choose a channel that you want to record a program of and then then click the Right button on remote so that EPG page for that channel opens up.


2-Find the desired program and click OK on remote.


3-Check the recording settings and once happy click Save.


4-Like previous method, the Recording-set sign should appear showing there is a recording scheduled for this program.

Note: By clicking the recording button on the remove you can enable or disable the recording.


Now the recording (done through any methods explained above) is scheduled and will be done. If you are on that channel during the recording period you should see the recording sign on the top right side of the screen during the recording period.


Attention: the recording procedure itself will occupy 1 connection slot of your IPTV account. If you want to watch a different channel during the recording period of the scheduled channel, make sure your IPTV account has at least 2 concurrent connections allowed.


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