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Those who are using Xtream Codes as their IPTV panel probably have faced this issue: Network input/output values arent showing. The fix is very simple!

This usually happens when a new Loadbalancer is added to the panel or if the new server is swapped with old server credentials. The issue is resulted from Xtream Codes panel not being able to communicate with the right network interface of the server. To fix this, we need to find and assign the active interface to the loasbalancer settings.


1-Log onto your server via SSH and execute ifconfig command. Then the Network Interface details will appear. As we can see above, this server has 4 interfaces and the eth0 interface RX and TX values showing it is the active interface in charge of sending and receiving data.


2-Now go to XC panel Manage Servers section. Find your server from the list and from the Options column click Edit Server.


3-Now set Network Interface to eth0 which is the interface we found live, active and in charge of current incoming and outgoing data of the server.

Finally scroll down and click Edit Server.


4-Finally, go back to Manage Servers page and Remake Server.


5-After a little while, the server gets prepared and comes online. Then you can check the network monitoring part of the server from the dashboard.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you. 

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