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Previously we have spoke about STB Emulator, it`s benefits and how to install it on an android device. We also explained how to work with Amazon FireTV Stick. Now in this tutorial we`re going to explain the installation procedure of STB EMU on Firestick as it is not directly accessible from the android market on Amazon Sticks.

This tutorial will cover the following phases:

-Enabling the installation of third party apps on Firestick

-Downloading the STB EMU onto your Firestick and installation

-Setting up STB EMU and installing IPTV on it


-Enabling the installation of third party apps on Firestick

So usually we open the app market on Amazon FireTV Stick, search the desired app and install it by one click. Sometimes, like our case here, we need to install apps from outside the market. Firestick call it Apps From Unknown Sources. To do so, you need to enable this installation method on your Firestick. To learn how, read this tutorial.


-Downloading the STB EMU onto your Firestick and installation


Now we need to download the .apk file of STB EMU onto our Firestick. For this, we need an app called Downloader which is installed by default on Firesticks usually and if not, search and install it from the app market.



1-From utilities section, open Downloader.



2-First click on Home to bring up the address field then type the URL from which you can download the .apk file of STB EMU. We suggest the URL from Fast IPTV : https://www.fastip.tv/Downloads/STBEMU.apk



3-After doing so, click Go and the file should start downloading. Size is around 12MB.



4-Installation might take a few seconds.


5-If all goes fine, App Installed message should show up.



6-Now go back to the home screen of Firestick and from top choose Settings, then move right to Applications and open it.



7-Scroll down and click Manage Installed Applications.



8-Choose STB Emulator.



9-Now choose Launch Application.





-Setting up STB EMU and installing IPTV on it

Now the final part: We`ve already explained STB EMU configuration steps in details. You can find that tutorial by clicking here.


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.

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