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Enigma 2 boxes are the most common satellite receiver boxes. Users who have been using them would never change to anything else, not even for the sake of IPTV. So programmers make plugins for these boxes to enable users have their satellite channels along side IPTV services. One of these plugins is called E2 Plugin. This is provided by IPTV providers who use Xtream Codes CMS as their IPTV accounting and management software.

Enigma 2 boxes are linux based and that makes them fast, stable and capable of doing multiple tasks. That said, some of these boxes are less strong or slower than others. For instance a Dreambox 500 is much slower comparing to a VU+ Solo. On the other hand, running IPTV on an enigma 2 box is highly CPU and RAM dependent, thus it is a good idea to remove unnecessary plugins, apps and softwares from your box. To have a well IPTV-Ready enigma 2 box, following conditions should be considered:

-using a well strong box with fairly strong cpu and enough ram

-keeping the firmware up to date

-running a stable version of software image - read sat forums about the stable version of images for your box

-removing unnecessary plugins/apps from your box

-connecting the box to the internet via network cable than wifi

-setting as primary and as secondary dns servers on your box network setting

-turning off/down network security level of the internet connection - for instance SkyBB has something called Sky Shield. As long as it is on, IPTV packets wont go through. you should either turn it off or use a vpn

This tutorial will show installing Xtream Codes Enigma 2 Plugin with all necessary details, tips and tricks. Both resellers and server admins can look at this the same way as the procedure is the same. Now let`s see what are the features and why one should use it:

-Neat Channel Listing: It has one Main category which contains all channels and another form is based on how server admin categorized it. Generally it is categorized based on nationality so you`d see German, UK, Italian ...

-Possibility of Making Favorite Lists: You can make a list of your desired channel for quicker access to those channels.

-Video on Demand Category: All VOD files are stored on a separate folder and if the provider is a professional, you should see all Movies on a separate folder, each tv show separated into different folders and inside all episodes of each season categorized... 

-Quick Channel Buffering: Zapping between channels happens quickly with this plugin. It should be said that server configuration on server side is very important.

-Short and Full EPG: These days people are so sensitive about EPG to know about the schedule of each channel. This plugin provides Short EPG (which is shown under the mini screen while the client is going through the list) and Full EPG (which is available by pressing the epg button).

Installation is done through SSH terminal. If you are not familiar what SSH is and what software should be used to make this connection, please read this article.

For having a clean installation of the plugin, the following steps must be taken:

-Understanding different types of installation packages of the plugin

-Finding out cpu model of client`s box

-Installing the plugin on the box

-Activating the MAC address of the box which is extracted through plugin

Some might say "... come on! no need for all these steps, just execute the script and it will install the plugin". That is terribly wrong! thats exactly why many IPTV providers, Resellers and end-users don`t like this plugin, saying it crashes, has stuttering and lags a lot. Having a wrong plugin package on your box will definitely cause bad experience with this one. The step-by-step tutorial is the right way of doing this and is also what Sevan, the coder of the plugin, suggests.

-Understanding different types of installation packages of the plugin:

This plugin has 5 different installation packages each for a specific type of box. Enigma 2 linux boxes have different CPU`s and the image for each runs a bit differently. So to adopt itself with each box, this plugin provides compatible installation packages for each type. Now let`s understand each type:

--Mips32el is used for the most recent boxes like VU zero, Vu Duo, Zgemma and mostly all openpli 4 boxes with new images.

--Mipsel is used for old boxes like Dm800 clones running old openpli 2.1 .

--sh4 is used for boxes like spark.

--armv7a is used by new boxes like vu 4k and gigablue sf4008.

--oe25_arm and oe25_mips for new boxes like Dreambox 900hd which need .deb instead of .ipk .

So these are 5 installation packages and enigma 2 cpu models, but to be sure it is best to ask the box itself which one of these installation packages suits better on it. Now to install each one of these, a proper linux command is needed:


opkg install http://myprovider.com:port/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_armv7a.ipk
opkg install http://myprovider.com:port/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_mips32el.ipk
opkg install http://myprovider.com:port/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_mipsel.ipk
opkg install http://myprovider.com:port/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_sh4.ipk
opkg install http://myprovider.com:port/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_oe25_arm.deb
opkg install http://myprovider.com:port/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_oe25_mips.deb

-Finding out cpu model of client`s box:

To do that, we need to run a simple command through SSH terminal connected to the box. After logging onto the box via SSH, run this command:

uname -a

Now imagine we have a VU Solo 2 box. After executing this command the following output should show up:

Linux vusolo2 3.13.5 #1 SMP Wed Jan 30 18:35:46 CET 2018 mips GNU/Linux

As you can see the cpu type is shown at the end of command. Our box is mips so we should run the mips installation package.

-Installing the plugin on the box:

So we understood that our supposed VU Solo 2 box is mips and it is now time to install the plugin by running the proper command:

opkg install http://myprovider.com:port/enigma2/XtreamTV_0.0.6_mipsel.ipk

If all goes well, box should reboot itself and after it boots up, you can run the plugin. The name should be Xtream IPTV and it will appear on Menu page so you need to press the Menu button on box remote controller.

-Activating the MAC address of the box which is extracted through plugin:

After running the plugin for the first time, a blue screen will pop up and ask the client for MAC address activation. Now the client should send the mac address to their IPTV provider asking for activation. IPTV Server Admins or Resellers can read this article to learn about activation of E2 Plugin MAC address.

If it is needed to remove E2 Plugin from a box, following command should be used:

opkg remove XtreamTV


Any questions? post it on WDS Community Forum and let us help you.  

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